When I was approached by a person who proposed a “pocket sale” of rental property I own, I had no idea what that meant. When I wanted to help a family member with closing costs, the lender in that situation required a “Gift Letter” from me, something I was not familiar with. In each of those situations, Cindy provided me with a solid understanding of what was involved. I’ve also turned to her for advice on beneficial modifications in a home. Like many others, I have parents who are aging and I want them to be able to remain in their home, as safely, as comfortably, and as independently, as long as possible. Cindy’s knowledge and expertise on “best practices” for making physical changes that support aging in place and ADA compliancy has been more than helpful in this regard. Over the years, Cindy has become the first person I turn to when I have a question about real estate, be it on the purchasing or the selling side. I don’t think there is any aspect to buying or selling a home that she does not understand.