Bringing the hairline to life is serial entrepreneur Brian K. Marks, who has over 30-years of experience in the beauty and hair industry. Luster prides itself on products that will make detangling a cake-walk from start to finish, with no flakes, drying, or residue. $4.99 (146) African Pride. She has been sharing her passion with the world through YouTube since 2012. The brand’s products are made to be inclusive and informative, labeling them by texture and the natural ingredients featured to make the shopping process easier. Founder Ayo Ogun loves organic African botanical ingredients and strives to make the best decisions when choosing ingredients for healthy hair and a healthy planet, taking a holistic approach to hair care. Hair (4) Shampoo & Conditioner (4) Styling (6) Apply. African Pride hair straightener is displayed at a Harlem store. CurlMix has 10 employees, employing people of color from the community. Inspired by African, Mediterranean and Ayurvedic hair care traditions, Qhemet products are carefully crafted with premium ingredients to provide the moisture and nutrients needed to nourish, strengthen and grow kinky, coily hair. Like many naturals new and fully-transitioned, maintaining moisture was a difficult task for Nickie, inspiring her to create a line geared toward kinky and coarse hair that launched online in 2016. Although the original company was founded by a barber named Fred Luster, Sr., the current CEO of Luster’s name is Jory Luster. Curlies swear by the hair oil, so much so, that it won a NaturallyCurly Best of the Best award. Long.". If you follow Whitney White, aka Naptural85 on any social media platform, you’ll know why this brand is becoming a quick fan favorite in the textured hair world. Melanin Haircare is branded as affordable luxury hair products featuring only the best ingredients. ". Products are available at and Amazon. Tired of using 4 or 5 different products to achieve a sleek look, founder Scarlett Rocourt decided to create a humidity-proof, weightless product. In 2017, Sundial Brands was acquired by Unilever. Each product from this line is able to flow freely from the nozzle, through your braids, and to your hair and scalp. A brand that currently boasts over 30 product ranges and 6 collections, Camille Rose Naturals ventures way beyond hair. Team members Sydney, Adria, Jasmine, and Chris deeply believe that you are what you eat, and what you put on your body. A hoyl grail that is a staple for all curlies is the Curl Junkie Hibiscus & Banana Deep Fix Moisturizing Conditioner. Made Beautiful is rooted in the idea that natural beauty comes from within. As a natural hair enthusiast with type 4 hair, Ameka Coleman wanted to inspire and build community around women with type 4 hair by building her own product line, walking in her “God-given purpose.” With an education in research and business development, Ameka was able to create every product in the Strands of Faith Holy Grail Collection--all free of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. You can use different combinations of The Doux products according to the results you’re looking for--they can even be used on straight hair. There are no parabens, sulfates, or other common possible irritants. TGIN. In 2001, life-long natural Jamyla Bennu started creating her own organic hair products for her own tightly coiled hair. This process has led to the development of truly unique natural products. The line or products varies from those used for everyday styles, to those used for more sophisticated styles--all less than $10. Enough said. Since being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, the Harvard grad uses this successful platform to advocate for women who are going through treatment and experiencing financial difficulties due to race and other socio-economic factors through the tgin Foundation. Known for her helpful YouTube videos on Natural Hair, Whitney’s tips and tricks saved a lot of us from disaster back in the transition days, and even now. Instead of continuing to blend different products together in hopes of finding something that worked, they came up with the idea to create their own product line, Mixed Chicks, to address their issues--and it wasn’t long before encouragement from friends and family turned into an entire business venture. No gimmicks, just healthy natural products for healthy natural hair. Starting out as a box subscription service that went stagnant, they decided to combine some of the best-selling boxes into one hair care line that made $1 million in 12 months. Qhemet is a clean, plant based hair care line founded and owned by a woman historian with 4C hair, Felis Butler. A serious allergic reaction inspired founder Jane Carter to create her own line of products featuring ingredients obtained from plants, essential oils, and sea botanicals we now know as Jane Carter Solution. President and CEO Cornell McBride Jr. of the manufacturer that makes Design Essentials, envisioned products that were sophisticated yet easy enough to be used at home. Once she met with the right team of chemists that understood her mission was to enhance curls and not straighten them, the business took off. From babies to adults, CURLS Beauty Brands of products are specifically formulated to cater to each textured hair needs, at all age ranges. Long. When my mom did my hair as a child, Pink Lotion was a must-have--some people even still swear by it today. Luster’s has since evolved its formula to fit the needs of curly and coily girls today. Pamela being a Southerner, she grew up appreciating all things that come from the earth, and Koils by Nature reflects that. MoKnowsHair products are non-toxic and free of parabens and sulfates, and propose restoration of scalp and curls after repeated use.

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