So let’s start the countdown. The Institute for Economics and Peace has released its Global Peace Index for 2019, an annual ranking of the world's safest countries. Civil liberty is considered top most priority here, and human rights get utmost importance. The safest country in the world for COVID-19 is now Germany, according to a recently released ranking. The Philippines got a score of 84 which is enough to propel it in the Top 50 of the safest countries in the world based on the 2020 Global Law and Order Report by … It is a land of music and culture that makes it a peaceful place. Do you think Switzerland produces only world-class watches and chocolates? If you rate the countries based on the highest level of securities, then Austria appears in the top few. To assemble the list, the Institute for Economics and Peace, with help from the Economist Intelligence Unit, ranks 163 nations on "a country’s level of Negative Peace using three domains of peacefulness." Japan held its spot this year with its score of 1.391, getting high marks on the peace index for its low number of homicides and limited access to weapons. Slovenia broke into the top 10 this year with a score of 1.355, thanks to an extremely low crime rate and low terrorism risk. At present he is... Be my guest writer for exposure to a greater audience. 20 November 2019. The country offers truly majestic historical places and a great respect for the past. It is a great nation with an excellent record of human respect and personal freedom. A warm climate, fresh seafood, and stunning beaches make Portugal a popular place. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Want to find a country where you don’t have the typical hustle and bustle of tourist attractions, yet a lot of adventure? Despite being larger than its neighbor to the south, Canada's 1.372 score ranks much higher than the United States (we're at 128th this year...womp womp). Here are The Top 10 countries that are considered as the safest places on earth. The 8 cheapest, safest places to live in the world 1. Condé Nast Traveler does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. The island city-state earns bragging rights with enviably low scores in domestic and international conflict, plus societal safety. In spite of it, Iceland has been considered one of the top developed countries worldwide. It also boasts a high level of income equality and is frequently ranked as one of the happiest nations in the world. Though there has been a history of militant’s attacks in the past, but because of low crime rates it still grabs the third position in the list. Denmark has a distinct lack of violent crime and internal conflict. Beyond safety, the country also makes it very easy for travelers to get around, with high-speed and even invisible trains. With the neatly maintained towns and villages, and mesmerizing beauty of mountains and valleys, it is like paradise in the world. It is an outstanding country with rich folklore and great tradition. It is ranked as #5 in terms of safety. The Nordic nation scored low points for homicides, number of people in jail, and terror acts, earning a 1.072 overall. Portugal ranks number 3 on the Global Peace Index, which makes it one of the safest places to live in the world. Citizens can continue with their traditional beliefs and lifestyle. I think Singapore should not be in the list. People come here to admire the serenity and purity of nature. People feel scared and terrified with the thought of settling down to a strange country. Portugal. Those include ongoing domestic and international conflict; level of harmony or discord within a nation; and indicators related to militarization. According to statistics Canada is one of the top nations for human rights and tolerance. Each domain takes into account a host of factors, such as weapon imports and political stability, to give each nation three scores that are averaged for an overall composite, according to the index's methodology. Overall, the study found, that while the world is still less peaceful than it was a decade ago (probably not surprising for anyone who reads the news, like, ever,) it is slightly more peaceful today than it was at this time last year—the first time that the index improved in the last five years. Incredible crime rates and social awareness make it 9th safest countries of the world! You can find it on GPI's website. some more countries should be add and USA always not in the list. That means instead of fretting about your well-being, your energy can go towards picking which hawker centers and museums you want to visit first. Disagreed because some countries should be in the list like Holland. It has been recognized as the 6th safest country in the world due to good law and order. Snow-capped hills and lush green terrains bring a feast to the eyes. Most of us are stressed with their daily working life, all they need is a break and some enjoyable moments with family at a peaceful place. Finland grabs the fourth position because of great safety standards and high regards to democracy. Hence, a lot of time is spent in searching about the facts and figures. With the remarkable support by the government with flexible immigration policy, Canada boasts the amazingly multicultural society. The metro cities like Geneva, Bern, and Zurich are the safest places to live. Nature lovers praise it for the untouched beauty. People love to settle down or visit this peaceful and spectacular country. It is an incredible mix of pristine natural beauty and modern cities bustling with life. Japan's peacefulness extends beyond its serene landscapes. Agreed…. Here I’m ending the list of safest countries in the world, Also see Top Ten Most Dangerous Countries in the world. In spite of being the fact that it is a big exporter of weapons, experts rate it the 8th safest country to visit/settle down. Whether you're just generally into beautiful places or want to explore some of Europe's best castles and lakes, Slovenia has something for you—and now you know you can sleep easy there at night. If you think about a great respect to the human rights, then there are very few countries like Sweden. The Nordic nations of Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Iceland are some of the safest countries in the world to visit, according to a new report from security specialists at International SOS. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights.

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