How do I manage charges, refunds, and my balance in NeonPay. During this process, you will receive several emails from NeonPay. Click on Sign up to join our waitlist—we will notify you as more spots open up, $1,000 monthly credit line at 0% APR Organization Name - enter your organization’s legal name as it appears on your IRS documentation. Super simple. and send you regular updates. Dear user, log in to access the admin area! I don’t have access to some of the required information on the Merchant Account application. Follow the steps to activate and manage your Neon with Spark account on our help page. Be sure to save your back up codes. This is what will appear on your constituents' card and bank statements. True integrations designed to streamline your systems and operations. If your organization is known by or uses other names to refer to the organization as a whole, enter the alternate name in the statement descriptor line. Don't have an account? You will need to fill out all required fields on the Merchant Account application for your account to be configured. Click Edit in the Payout Settings section to change the payout frequency: If you select the Monthly option, you will be able to choose on which day of each month you would like your payouts to occur. Fill out the Merchant Account form, selecting NeonCRM in the dropdown menu. This section describes the information you will need to submit in order to verify your Neon Payment Processing account. Enter a Statement Descriptor. Save time for what matters most: growing your nonprofit and its impact. Next, your Organization Information You will also be able to configure the following additional settings: To receive funds for payments you’ve processed, Neon Payment Processing will make deposits (payouts) of your available account balance into your bank account. Username or Email Address. This account balance is comprised of different types of transactions (e.g., payments, refunds, etc.). Follow the steps to confirm your identity through SMS. Note that having access to NeonCRM does not confer access to your organization's NeonPay Merchant Portal To request access to your organization’s Merchant Portal, contact your NeonPay Organization Administrator. Reach out to your support team for an implementation timeline of NeonPay into your Neon One account. Click "Verify Your Account" in the Payment Processing menu and provide the necessary data to complete the verification process. Enter the Primary Contact’s Percent of Ownership. Click the pencil icon in the row of the user to be promoted or demoted. Anywhere, anytime. Click Send Password Reset Email to User. Support lasting connections that drive growth. Invalid login. Go to Set up and manage Neon Neon Admin Panel. How do I setup multiple credit card payment gateways? Neon Admin Panel. If your account still shows as rejected an hour or two after you created the account, feel free to reach out to your support team, who will coordinate with the processor for the steps needed to get your account approved. Make sure you use the same email address in both NeonCRM & NeonPay. We will automatically pay every bill, every month using your credit line Once you have completed these fields, click Submit Verification. This integral part of the Neon One ecosystem enables a unified payment structure across your Neon One platforms, saving you time, energy, and funds. Payments don't get any faster. Create transparency from fundraising to finance. NeonPay is our in-house payment processor, available to connect with any Neon One app. Anywhere, anytime. Optimize outcomes and demonstrate your impact. There are two user types in NeonPay: Administrator and Staff. 100% Hand Made, support Glass and LED material. They will be able to add you as a NeonPay User.

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