Charitable Contribution Planning for 2017, Employer Mandate under the Affordable Care Act Del, New Tax Legislation – Individual Tax Changes, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, 2013 Financial Reporting Framework for Small and M, 2014 Report To The Nations Confirms The Threat Of, A Discussion of Fraud and Hot Lines / Tip Lines, AICPA and DOL Cracking Down on Employee Benefit Pl, AICPA announces new financial reporting requiremen, American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 - Businesses, Annual Affordable Care Act Reporting Requirements, April 2017 Herbein Hero - Abilities in Motion, Berks Lodge #71 Fraternal Order of Police, Best practices for charitable organizations, Cash Flow Management: Strategies to Meet Business, Changes in Escheat (Unclaimed) Property: What you, Changes to Retirement Plan Limitations for 2018, City Revitalization and Improvement Zones (CRIZ), Common Operational Errors in Employee 401(k) Plans, Consider Adding a Vehicle to Your Shopping List, Could Your Business Qualify for a Research and Exp, Department of Revenue to issue new Revenue ID Numb, Developing Income Tax Strategies For 2014 And Beyo. The whey permeate company blazed trails to China and other global markets, creating new opportunities for the US dairy industry. An official website of the United States government. 0000002160 00000 n Dairy: Supply and allocation of milk fat and skim solids by product The Dairy Data files cover U.S. supply, demand, and trade for milk and major dairy products. The .gov means it’s official. Is the IRS Really Calling or Is It an Impersonator, Is your business prepared for a natural disaster, January 2017 Herbein Hero - Sigma Kappa Theta Thet, July Herbein Hero - Greensburg Faith in Action, June Herbein Hero - Exeter Township Volunteer Fire, Lessons All Businesses can learn from the Downturn, Lifting Restrictions on Health Insurance Policies, March 2017 Herbein Hero - Tabor Community Services, Milk Drinkers Will Pay More This November, Mobile Telecommunications Broadband Investment Tax, New IRS rules for capitalization and depreciation, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie Ends Reciprocal, New Lease Accounting Standards and What it Means f, New Overtime Standards Blocked by Federal Judge, New Overtime Standards and What it means for Your, New Philadelphia Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Tax, New Revenue Recognition Standard - What You Need t, New Rules May Affect Your Social Security Benefits, Notice model for employer with health insurance co, Notice model for employer without health insurance, November Herbein Hero – Memorial Sloan Kettering C, Online Tools to Assist Taxpayers at the IRS and PA, Owners in a Partnership Business Cannot Be Treated, PA Budget Impasse Puts PA Tax Credits on Hold, PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit Users, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute, Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute Fee (, Pennsylvania Announces 60 Day Tax Amnesty Program, Pennsylvania State and Local Tax Updates to be Awa, Petitioners vs. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, Planning For PPACA’s Impact On Individuals And Bus, Planning For The Net Investment Income Tax, Propane gas used in forklifts qualify for refundab, Property Tax Exemption for Pennsylvania Charities, Proposed Simplified Accounting Rules for Private C, Protecting the Employer Sponsored Benefit Plan, Qualified Income-Producing Historic Structures, Reading Office Announces Tax Return Pick-up Hours, Related Benefits of Selling Your Business to Emplo, Replacement for Affordable Care Act (ACA) is Unvei, Retirement plan fiduciary is a vital role; here’s, Safeguard Business Assets with (Better) Internal C, Simplified Option for Home Office Deduction, Small business health options program marketplace, Steps to Ensure Compliance from the Start, Tax Credit for Propane Gas Used in Forklifts, Tax Cut and Jobs Act: Nonprofit Fringe Benefits, Tax Cuts and Jobs Act - Final Vote Update 12-18-17, Tax Provisions Expiring and Changing on December 3, Temporary Payroll Tax Cut Continuation Act of 2011, Ten Financial Potholes to Avoid in Divorce, The Clock is Ticking on Accelerated Write-Offs of, The Mid-Atlantic Milkshed – Yesterday and Today, Tips for a Successful Employee Benefit Plan Audit, To Lease or To Buy - A Common Business Decision, Tom Wolf. 'ascending' : 'descending'}}, Beginning, Limited Resource, Socially Disadvantaged, and Female Farmers, Food Assistance Data & Collaborative Research Programs, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), International Consumer and Food Industry Trends, Trade Policy & World Trade Organization (WTO), International Food Security Assessment, 2020–30, Agricultural Resources and Environmental Indicators, 2019, Understanding Low-Income and Low-Access Census Tracts Across the Nation: Subnational and Subpopulation Estimates of Access to Healthy Food, ERS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Media Resources, Food Loss: Why Food Stays On the Farm or Off the Market, Developing Alternatives to Antibiotics Used in Food Animal Production, SNAP Redemptions Contributed to Employment During the Great Recession, Privacy Policy & Nondiscrimination Statement.

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