This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Guys will be guys. Now, this is a new pain for me. Maybe I changed during the relationship a little. He was the one who initiated the breakup because you were suffocating him or he just couldn’t handle your bossy personality anymore. We had the most amazing relationship We we’re inseparable and at the start had both felt like we’re meant to be and start a life together, till about a year and a half ago He had gotten into drugs and since then he started getting more distant. Let me show you how & why. Well, another way that men behave is by reasoning. Sometimes guys turn into complete assholes after the breakup and they’re the only ones who can make any sense of that shitty behavior. Would like to know your thoughts, thanks . They look at it this way: ”You’re the one who dumped me, so now I get to hurt you back.”. Based on any experience you might have in break ups I'm sure you noticed they are very similar to what you go through. Just because I can write it all out doesn't mean another man has the opportunity or is secure enough in his masculinity to talk about his feelings - especially publicly. Some men immediately feel this along with the need to contact you and make amends but some don’t and would rather opt to different behaviors such as getting depressed or. The first part is MY view and an account of my feelings, what I felt, how I'm getting along and what it all meant to me. Does it help me move on or does it make the process longer and more difficult AND add the awful possibility of becoming bitter and despondent and scared of getting into another relationship. Don’t Try To Convince Him – Trigger His Feelings, Has He Decided To Not Give You A Chance? We were exclusive and faithfully committed to each other BUT Well we recently broke up and now it's time to move on. We continued to communicate for a few days and now we haven’t spoken in 3 days. Who gets the dog? If you want your ex back, all other things considered,  it's certainly a possibility. So instead of clearing the air with you and by being frank, he deletes all traces of you online, thinking it’ll help him cope (Hint: it won’t, at least not in the long run). I’m going to say yes he “sort of” wants to work it out with you BUT most of that comes from the fact the he now understands he can get away with it. It feels as if my "game" isn't what it was and I have lost the edge I had before we were together and when I was out constantly flirting with women and doing my whole "attraction" thing it took me so long to learn. Wanting to work things out and actually doing it are two different things BUT neither one changes the facts behind his performance. Whatever he starts telling people, it’ll be a blatant lie. One consistent thing among ALL men is that even if he gets through the process in a reasonable amount of time... the FEELINGS will linger and outlast the grief because men don't process emotions as efficiently as women do. We both told eachother we would never leave eachother no unless cheating was involved. Men don’t like it when they would be teased about losing the perfect girl or being asked why he was dumped so in turn; he would rather show a cool not-affected personality that immediately. He’s not over you and he can’t accept how things ended, so he turns you into his enemy. UPDATE: This post was written 5 years before my marriage to the most wonderful and amazing woman in the world so please - keep that in mind as you read it. I wasn’t ready for a relationship until I could work through what happened to me. With men, things are a little different. Men are actually harder to read than women especially the guys after a breakup. You’re the one who held his hand when it wasn’t easy for him. or do guys hurt after a breakup? ≡ Why Men Lie To You - Secret Surveys ≡ - What he wants you to know but won't ever tell you. No matter what you’ve read or heard, guys suffer just as much as girls do post-breakup. Im now confused as to does he want to work it thru or he still wants or if he just needs space. Generally, men after breakup will start to feel these feelings in no particular order, some may feel only anger and confusion, some all of these until they find the reason to move on but before they do that, they would of course have a reaction towards these feelings. What the hell is up with that? He is still young and i feel like maybe he needs this time to figure out what he wants. every couple has fights and i guess he was scared I would leave him. This is a coping mechanism that lets them face what happened easier and look better in other people’s eyes. When do guys start to miss you after a breakup will also depend on how they would first react after the said break up. Breakups are unavoidable. Being in a relationship is inevitably going to result in one of two things. He’s anything but equipped to handle a new GF, since his old one is still clearly taking the top spot in his heart. Do you think he’s fearful that I will become bad again? There are no results for the term you are looking for. Beyond that IF that’s not happening give him all the space YOU need, not him. This is one of the things that we commonly see in breakups where the man is too hurt to admit that their relationship ended that he would rather feed his anger and resentment to get the chance to get even instead of moving on. After he broke up with me he said his feelings started to change about 5months ago. By trying to appear macho, he does the exact opposite. In face too many men and women stay in a relationship way too long because of that and lots of other reasons too. ≡ How To Meet & Attract The Best Man For You ≡, ≡ Why Men Go Silent, Ignore You, Refuse to Share Their Feelings  ≡. NOW Available on Amazon - Just Click HERE and Pick it Up Today! He’s acting out and pretending to be okay. This is the worst type of behavior a guy can exhibit after a breakup. If I hold off a little - give it time to all settle in - it can feel like it meant more. Men are actually harder to read than women especially the guys after a breakup. My questions are… is he done with me? See also: A Loving Open Letter To My Long-Distance Boyfriend. He’s too much of a man for that. Confidential. The Male Mind After a Breakup. Feeling No Emotional Connection With Your Husband, How to deal with a narcissist in a relationship, How to Get Back Together After Separation, Best Relationship Tips for a Healthy Marriage, 8 Signs Indicating Insecurity in Relationships, 5 Signs That You Are Living in a Toxic Marriage, 7 Important Tips to Build Trust in a Relationship, 10 Effective Communication Skills for Healthy Marriages. You meet for the first time after the breakup and, of course, your relationship is an unavoidable topic. A guy’s behavior after breakup will depend on their initial reaction when it happens. See… guys want you to think that things don’t affect them and that they handle breakups like the macho men they are. They experience many of the same emotions you do and one of the few differences may only be how long it takes them to get over it and move on AND with one more VERY important difference... Men are  extremely uncomfortable opening up to others about their breakup which leaves them very little or even no outlet to release their pain or to talk it out with another person. Do you think men every think of wanting to get back with someone they broke up with? Read Before You Try & Win Him Back, When Your Ex Understands This – When He Sees This – Everything Changes, Do You Want Your Ex Back? So he says hi, chats you up, and marvels at this wonderful coincidence. But the dock is right there and just a few seconds later you’re safe and dry…, But for guys, “getting emotional” is like getting dropped in the middle of the ocean…, Secrets About Me Revealed & How It Can Help You Understand All Men. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. This "holding on to their emotions has a good side and a bad side. Sometimes we forget or don’t think things through. Suddenly, you’ll start hearing stories about your breakup that bear zero resemblance to what actually took place. He started cheating on me when he took drugs and I tried to get him away from drugs but he seemed to not do too drastic changes to leave it. To push everything out of their mind except the one thing they’re hunting. They’ve got heart. He won’t talk to anyone about the breakup, not even his parents that he’s so close to.

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