Becoming #Thor and Eating and Taste the Baked Lobster with Cheese sauce filled with E-Fu Noodles. Never in New York, though the Chou Zhou (Flushing, Queens) rendition wasn't bad (at least they got the texture right) nor was the one at Joe's Shanghai (but that was noteworthy mostly for the abundance of seafood and not the underlying noodles). I'd roast those heads and bodies in the oven at 375 degrees for about an hour. There's some other thread with lobster in its thread name as well. Bring 6 quarts water with 3 tablespoons salt to a boil in an 8- to 10-quart pot over high heat. And can also be ordered in Chinese restaurants in parts of North America. OMG! I'd let it go for a couple of hours with the shells in it, then I'd strain it and put it back on the stovetop to reduce for a couple more hours until it's extremely rich. Wowotou buns ( 窝窝头 wō wō tóu), also known more simply as wō tóu are originally from northern China. Recipe intructions(it's pretty simple):First clean the lobster and cut them into pieces. Atlantic and Pacific fish rarely are. When pursuing your investigations, consider also checking recipes for braised E-Fu noodles with crab (with which such noodles are more frequently combined). Steven(Fat Guy), yes my brother did make the Lobster w/braised E-Fu Noodles dish over the weekend(Saturday). My brother grew up eating the North American lobsters(mostly Canadian), & never ate Asian spiny lobsters until moving to Hong Kong 2+ years ago. For those of you who aren't familiar with E-Fu (a/k/a "long life") noodles, they're flat egg-noodles (wheat flour) that are first deep-fried, and then cooked briefly in simmering liquid. Are any live Asian spiny lobsters(including Australian spiny lobsters) available in the US? Did we already discuss this on another thread, or was I dreaming? I think it should also come as no surprise that the local lobsters everywhere are probably best suited to the local cuisine. Yet, at the same time, the most misunderstood. Copyright © 2001-2020 by the eGullet Society for Culinary Arts & Letters, All Rights Reserved This lobster noodles recipe is definitely a great representation of the brilliance of Chinese Cantonese haute cuisine. If anything, it's not the noodles that are braised, or at least my understanding is that the noodles are cooked briefly and added at the last minute to whatever the dish is. OMG! I was trying to think of American foods that are deep fried and then cooked in some other way. If so, how did it come out and what recipe did he use. Then I'd skip the chicken stock altogether because I'd make a stock out of the roasted lobster heads and bodies, with leeks, carrots, celery, and fennel (or any combination of seafood-stock-acceptable aromatic vegetables). March 6, 2002 in China: Cooking & Baking. Have you received feedback yet? Hi guys, Just wondering if anyone will be able to share some nice restaurant for lobster cheese noodles and seafood. Thanks for any help. Ed -- With respect to getting a gastronomic banquet at Ping's together, is that something in your plans? I'd remove the meat from the shells and put it in the refrigerator for later. The underlying dish may be braised, though I wouldn't recommend braising lobster -- shellfish just doesn't take well to that technique. Thanks fat guy, for the background about the E-Fu Noodles. From checking my brother's e-mail message again, all he wants are instructions for combining the ingredients. Instead of using Australian lobsters(his original intention), he got another live Asian spiny lobsters from the area. Meanwhile, let’s make the egg noodles to serve together with the lobster. The Asian spiny lobsters from all reports are much more tastier than the Caribbeen spiny lobsters. I imagine it's not so easy to ship live seafood 12,000 miles. While that's happening, I'd cook the claws and tails in a pot of boiling water: Assuming 1.5 pound lobsters, first the tails for about 3 minutes, then the claws for about 6 minutes (I want them to be somewhat rare), immediately dropping them into ice water when the cooking time is up. Actually, as I recall, it was explained to me by one E-Fu aficionado that some prefer to dip the E-Fu noodles in boiling liquid twice in order first to remove the excess oil and second to soften them. [Hong Kong Recipe] SUPREME Lobster Noodles | Incredible! Ordered the premium noodle - everything in. SteveW, what level of specificity are you and your brother looking for in this recipe? Or is he planning to buy them pre-made and pre-fried, such that all he's looking for are instructions for combining the remaining ingredients? See A Balic thread (p. 15) on some Australian and South African spiny lobster observations. Forum members and moderators are responsible for their own posts. Hong kong Lobster cheese noodle. From asking a good friend in HK for help with this recipe, she told me about another interesting way they do it there. Large lobsters are quite expensive however, and old (1/8 lb. lobster is 64). Cannot remember the name of the restaurant as a friend did all the arrangement and booking but I supposed should be able to find many there coz a lot of seafood restaurant along the street with many live seafood on display. I've checked all the Chinese cookbooks that I can find, but no luck in finding a recipe for this. So I guess I'm having trouble with the whole E-Fu concept as a sound theoretical culinary proposition. These advertising-free forums are provided free of charge through donations from Society members. In the remaining oil, add some garlic & slices of ginger & spring onions(optional). Anyone may read the forums, but to post you must create a free account. This time round hope to find some places more centralise. Know some but most of it I nvr seen b4. These were huge(my brother e-mailed me several pictures of the lobsters they purchased). According to him, its a classic Chinese dish popular in Hong Kong. Very creamy and cheesy. I've checked all the Chinese cookbooks that I can find, but no luck in finding a recipe for this. or more -- we have had some 7 and 8 pounders) because it can be cut in unusually shaped large chunks that work particulalry well for this preparation. E-Fu noodles are highly absorbent, so when you add them to wet ingredients they soak up a lot of the moisture and take on that flavor. Eventually a Hong Kong foodie friend supplied me with a recipe(then I forwarded to my brother). There's a frankfurter place in Connecticut, Rawley's, that fries and then grills. I'd clean out the bodies and heads and separate them into the two pieces they naturally separate into. Hotdog Cheese noodle I tried once a good recommendation by the local at arglye street near Jordan (cant remember street name). Cook until everything is heated throughout. These are the ones I use. Moderators are not employees or representatives of HWZ. I'd cook the E-Fu noodles in two changes of salted water, or, if I had extra lobster stock, I'd add some of it to the second pot in order to begin imparting the lobster taste to the noodles. The name means "nest" and they come in many forms. If you buy them in an Asian market, they've typically been fried and bagged, and you just have to do the last step (the simmering, and not for very long). Does anybody know the real way to make this dish? Here's what I'd do, as a Western cook, to make this dish. Here’s how you can save big on the Google Pixel 4a with COURTS! If these are spiny lobsters, as are more prevalent in Asia, I'd do the same thing but of course only with the tails. Whatever the trick is, most restaurants just don't get it. I'm so excited today, because I'm about to share the BEST Lobster Noodles recipe EEEEVVVVVEEEERRRRR! This is one of my very favorite dishes at Pings Restaurant. Since this is a dish with almost no sugar in the sauce you might even enjoy a White Burgundy or Cali Chard. I think the wisest move, though, is always to get what is fresh and local: It's probably hard to get a New England lobster in Asia that's as good as the Asian lobsters in Asia, and vice versa.

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