Silver Age Superman sneezes, it's all over. Take a second to look at our. Anything?I mean, he's just about the best Superman clone Marvel has but that doesn't make him better than Superman. I'm sick of hearing about Superman speed blitz, when was the last time he speed blitzed someone? All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. When it looks like Osborn is about to lose, he unleashes his secret weapon: the Sentry. At the time, Asgard is located in Broxton, Oklahoma while Norman Osborn has taken charge of his own Dark Avengers team in addition to being given control over the Earth's global security network. A weaker version of Hyperion has held two realities apart and then survived the collision of those two universes with no lasting damage. The Sentry wins! Has better feats too. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Agent Takes the Spotlight in a Character-Driven Debut, Darkseid: 5 Marvel Cosmic Beings He Can Defeat (& 5 He'd Lose To), DC Future State: Every New Title In The Justice League Family (& Their Release Date), 10 Of The X-Men's Strongest Martial Artists, Ranked, 10 Villains Batman Has Shown Sympathy Towards, X-Men: 10 Mutants The MCU Needs To Avoid (& Why), 10 Strongest Marvel Characters Thor Couldn't Beat Alone, Wonder Woman: Cheetah's Best Costumes, Ranked, Nightwing: Everything You Didn't Know About Dick Grayson's Time As Ric, 10 Comicalizations Better Than Their Movie, Marvel: The First 10 Mutants Introduced In The X-Men Comics (In Chronological Order). These feats include a range from the silver age of comics (where superman was a complete powerhouse when it came to comparing him with other heroes.) Superman wants to save humanity with his strength, while Lex Luthor wants to be strong as the Kryptonian, no matter what it costs humanity. KH fought with H-712, not one from Avengers. However King Hyperion does appear to be more powerful and aggreessive than a nornal Hyperion. King Hyperion Blue Marvel said king Hyperion hits harder. Since then, he's written for various online publications, including CBR, Screen Rant, and The Comics Vault. How can people say Superman is stronger? Also KH was shown holding a Thor lifeless by the neck. Then they make a last stand as warriors against an invincible army, victorious in their glorious deaths. No one can hit him if they can't touch him. To avenge this, Hyperion and the Squadron Supreme attack Namor and his Atlanteans. It is easy to dismiss him as just another brawny Superman knockoff, but his physical attributes are not what make him stand out. Then there's the way Hyperion's durability (multi-universe level) and Sentry's regeneration (he needs to be erased conceptually to prevent his regen from working) basically render it impossible for either of them to properly take the other out. What did King Hyperion do that Superman couldn't? @czarny_samael666: So, basically, mimic speed blitzed Hyperion by going half the speed of light...........which is something Superman can do easily ................. King Hyperion stated to have destroyed ALL of his earth's superhumans, and included : Thor, Hercules, and even Galactus. The Eternals are ancient powerful beings created by the Celestials to be the guardians of Earth. The difference in my opinion would be like Superman/King Hyperion fighting Superboy Prime/Superman. To avoid confronting his issues, he literally writes himself out of reality! Even King Hyperion isn't a match for Superman. The secret behind the Sentry's Biblical levels of strength turns out to be that he is the literal Angel of Death. And of course the two strongest fight. There are numerous Marvel Supermen, but the most famous two are probably the Sentry and Hyperion. As powers go, it is quite impressive, even for one as strong as he is. King Hyperion vs The Sentry # not voted true. DC's Superman is generally considered to be the first modern superpowered hero in comics. Another less impressive example of conflict avoidance is his intangibility. You don't know if this was weaker or stronger version of Hyperion. Well my first team member would be The man of steel. and gladiator snapped his neck and gladiator isnt that stronger than the current superman, see the problem is lack of feats, accourding to the info in exiles, and in the battle with blue marvel, KH is a multiversal threat, but lacks the feats showing this. Singly, and in groups. But the Sentry's worst enemy is himself, or rather, his darker half. Later in their story, the two stand against an army of Beyonders. which version of supes are we talking about here, silver age is basically PC supes so he wins. hes the lamest character ive seen. Hyperion-712 couldn't take him out even with another Hyperion on his side. This based on the feats shown by both. King Hyperion vs The Sentry # not voted He's probably a fanboy.... Shadows_Wrath 5 mo 20 d . You must log in or register to reply here. RELATED: Avengers: 5 Reasons Why Hyperion Is More Powerful Than Captain Marvel (& 5 Why He Never Will Be). And KO himself like he did when he striked Dark Moon? Both of these individuals are incredibly strong and committed to helping others. Mimic used half of the light speed and changed into Colossus's type of metal to do it. Co. Corona69 5 mo 22 d . The Sentry has one of the most overwhelming superpowers of anyone in the Marvel Universe: the power of one million exploding suns. King Hyperion vs The Sentry # The Sentry agreed dean. This burden presses on him, as does the trauma of all he has lost. While working as an English teacher in Japan, he helped found the magazine 3 Feet Left as its Resident Writer. Red Hood Vs Winter Soldier: Who Wins In A Fight? As they prepare to meet what they understand must be their death, Hyperion thanks Thor for making him a better person. So the some of the powerhouses in marvel. During one such Incursion, Hyperion tries to hold two separate universes apart with his bare hands! Christ..... © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Above we can see scan in which Exiles gived him pause, but he wasn't beaten, just stunned and he in next page he is saying "ohhh" and coming back to game. King Hyperion vs The Sentry # not voted He's strength and speed level is also way higher than sentry. Superman got this he do averting KH do but in a slightly high scale. May 19, 2008 #1 who wins this fight? Except for the times when he blitzed Mongul, blitzed Doomsday Rex, blitzed Darkseid, blitzed an Imperiex Probe, blitzed Gog, blitzed Gnarnite, blitzed a Kryptonian strike team, blitzed Deathstroke,blitzed Subjeckt 17, blitzed H/P Doomsday and BFR'd Batman before the Four Horsemen could react, it's just an excuse DC fanboys like to use to say Supes wins. close match im gon with superman even tho i trully hate superman. I'm pretty sure Hyperion would lose, but king hyperion is a multiversal character he should take this. superman winsking hyperion got rocked by bunch of b list exiles several times and couldn't stop the asteroid. I'll go with Superman, though it will be a hard fight but Superman will take this one. Welcome to the forums! What this means is somewhat subjective, but beyond it being a nod to Superman's solar-based power set, it also apparently gives him the equivalent strength of … Singly, and in groups. Sentry is a psychologically complex character. His powers, his origin story, and his moral code echo those of the Kryptonian hero. King Hyperion is Immortal & killed nearly every one that existed i'd say after a long fight he down superman . X-Ray vision, laser vision, flight, and the ability to casually rip a deity in two with his bare hands are just some of Sentry's Superman-like powers. RELATED: 10 Worst Things Sentry Has Done In Marvel Comics. In the major crossover story Siege, Norman Osborn lays siege to Asgard. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Each finds a sense of camaraderie in the other, fighting together and enjoying the other's company.

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