googletag.cmd = googletag.cmd || []; Do Not Use Another Job Board Until You Read This. Also, with certain compensation structures, the requested data might not be readily available to the lateral partner candidate. A firm may find it difficult to conduct meetings in sell mode without knowing the extent of a partner’s practice. Our private job boards ensure that only members can apply to our job postings. If a standard element of a process is an impediment, the process should be refined. Treat the staff with respect at all times. Legal Career Advice Podcast with Harrison Barnes, Click Here to Find Law Student Jobs on LawCrossing, Click Here to Find Summer Associate Jobs on LawCrossing, Click Here to View the 2015 LawCrossing Salary Survey of Lawyer Salaries in the Best Law Firms. According to consultants and the legal press, 2009 was the Year of the Lateral, with a record number of lateral partner moves in the AmLaw 200. Why is the form so arduous? Who Else Wants Their Phone Ringing Off the Hook With Quality Job Interviews? (Of course, this is subject to state-by-state restrictions on what information can be disclosed. The time needed to complete an LPQ is compounded by the variety of metrics used by many firms. If a standard form were used, firms could translate the data provided to correspond with their particular metrics. Blow Away Your Competition with LawCrossing, Get More Employers to Respond to Your Applications and Hire You, Why You Are Not Aware of 95% of the Jobs Out There, Why LawCrossing's Marketing Problem is Good for You, Why It is Important to See Every Job Site There is, Why You Need to Manage Your Job Search in One Place. Much like the student who discovers the long essay question that no other college application requires, our goal is to prevent partner candidates from narrowing or slowing their search due to a burdensome LPQ. // Render slots within 2 viewports. The form should clarify which billings are originations and which billings are those of the responsible partner (but not necessarily originations). Ask to interview with associates as well as partners. This year is likely to be another record year for law firm lateral hiring. One cannot easily run a Dun & Bradstreet inquiry to determine financial health. When a lawyer changes from one law firm to another (hereafter, “lateral attorney”), the lateral attorney brings along all his or her conflicts. To also ask him/her to compile extensive historical data on revenues, billings, compensation and conflict information can often be burdensome. If you, like us, have had the op-opportunity to see a number of different LPQs, you have realized how out-of-hand the situation has become. Have a general idea of your salary and partnership requirements. After noticing the same problem with college applications, 15 private colleges established the Common Application Association in 1975 to create a common, standardized college application form. ). Your genuine interest in a firm is often displayed by the fact that you took the time to research them and therefore have prepared good questions. The lateral recruiting process in law firms is more complex and takes more time than the law student recruiting process. An error has occurred and the search service is currently unavailable. No law firm wants a prospective lateral candidate to delay or terminate the interview/hiring process because of an unwieldy or demanding LPQ. It's much better to claim to have $400,000 and end up with $500,000 than the other way around. In our combined 37 years in the legal search field, we have met scores of partner candidates and law firm hiring professionals who view the LPQ as a necessary evil. There is currently no related content for this person. As reported in The American Lawyer, an ALM sister publication of this newsletter, litigation represented 17% of the moves, followed by banking and finance (15%), corporate (10%), intellectual property (9%), and bankruptcy (4%). // Fetch slots within 5 viewports. Accordingly, the data collected at a firm with lockstep compensation may be different that that collected by a firm with formulaic-based compensation. }); And what can law firms do to ensure that the LPQ does not become the largest hurdle in the lateral hiring process? var path_http = ''; Login  |  Forgot your password, Need Help ? The firm would thus share the burden of data conversion with the candidate. We collect jobs from more than 250,000 websites and post them on our site. Many lateral partner candidates, however, are wary of this document for a number of reasons, not the least of which is the time necessary to complete it. The only way you can really prepare for an interview is to practice answering questions. There are books and online articles that go over best practices to use during an interview.

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