Both factors are something to keep in mind when planning this type of content, see here and here for a list of a list of recommended tools. Why Tangerine's "Great Investment Voyage" is a good marketing campaign. Infographics are excellent examples of engaging content. The video at the heart of the campaign isn't embedded in the homepage, but rather, opens up and lays over the screen once you click. Whether or not every compliance program has the budget or resources to invest in chatbots and AI, there are still lessons to be learned from Lemonade. The ‘interactive content’ term has become a buzzword but what exactly does it mean? We love Oregon and it’s little big city style and energy as well as the fabulous location nicely situated in between waterfalls, mountains, lakes, hot springs and the Oregon coast. Beginner’s Guide to Defining Buyer Personas, DMI Postgraduate Diploma in Digital Marketing, Certified Social Media Marketing Specialist, Certified Digital Strategy & Planning Specialist. Listing one’s favourite workout programmes and exercises using a platform provided by a sports equipment company. But there are also ways that you can integrate what might usually be thought of as ‘prospect’ content into the customer cycle. It's video-centric, and that video features an instantly recognizable character who isn't just "famous" but also most frequently associated with a high-performing financial services firm. Using interactive content in your digital marketing campaign means that the customers will be more eager to click on your links and will spend more time on your website. a simplified, innovative and safe approach to your everyday banking. All of these risks are magnified when compliance is siloed from key functions, decisions, and business processes across these departments, lacking the transparency and collaboration that would make them considerably more effective. Successful interactive content allows the user to dive in, interact, have fun and gain insight without feeling like he/she is being sold to. [citation needed] In 1999, was founded, allowing marketers and salespeople to directly affect and guide potential customers through their company's sales process using Salesforce's cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) technology. In every case, interactive content is the perfect way to connect, build trust and loyalty and get them engaged with your brand. Connect with us to learn how Hanzo simplifies the collection of dynamic web and social media. Interactive Digital Marketing comes highly recommended.”. From there, you can continue watching more videos, or go down a number of paths that eventually land you in an interactive, personalized experience that curates different investment vehicles for each visitor based on their age, income, investment goals, and risk appetite. The opportunity to opt-in to their terms and receive a quote comes at the end of their chat-based experience, and because of how it's designed, it doesn't actually appear on the page where most of the information is disclosed, which could be an interesting GDPR use-case. Buzzfeed quizzes are one of the most popular examples of this type of content. The Instagram ad, which essentially uses a short, targeted video to invite people to start a longer, more specific journey, could be explored as ways to onboard employees into their training or help preview what they're going to learn about. While infographics are one of the simplest ways to communicate information, they are also one of the most effective. Know your marketing team is highly skilled in producing results in your industry niche.

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