I’m so happy you found it and love it! But.. I also had to add more cream to prevent dryness. It sounds like you have a new favorite, Mercedes! You are most welcome, Shishma. Sadly I didn’t have any more crasins but I did add a 1/2 tsp of almond extract and WOW ! The recipe was so easy to follow and clear. Sign up and I’ll send you great recipes and entertaining ideas. I haven’t dipped into making scones just yet. . I didn’t have any heavy whipping cream so I used 1 cup of cool whip instead, and didn’t have cranberries so I did chocolate chips and just added a little more orange zest and a bit of the juice into the batter. Line a large baking sheet with parchment paper. I didn’t have cream so I put a mixture of Greek yoghurt and soy milk. I made these yesterday & my family loved them. I have made these 3times and they are Always a hit. Next time I will probably increase the sugar but, overall the flavors really came through. But this would be a perfect thanksgiving brunch dish for sure! ok thanks i will wait til i get ap flour then i will try it. They were very very sticky so I oil just put them in a muffin tin. You ROCK!!!!!! You’re welcome! Hi Natasha, I want to make these today but I have fresh cream. Have you by any chance experimented with gluten free flours? Brush tops of scones with 1 Tbsp heavy cream and sprinkle the top with raw sugar if desired. These were so incredible!! Hi Alison, you can add more sugar if you prefer, but we do like scones that aren’t overly sweet for breakfast and brunch. Actually I never have heavy cream in the house. My pleasure, the lemon glaze recipe is included in this one! It seemed little heavy taste of baking powder. It’s how I’ve been making them for some time :). You’re awesome , I absolutely LOVE this recipe! These scones turned out great!! And the smell…. I love scones but have recently become gluten intolerant. Thanks for this amazing recipe! Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. Line a sheet pan with parchment paper. Didn’t have oranges or lemons, so just left it out, is these any other zest you could put? I got so many compliments and they were gone right away. Any idea what went wrong? why is that that your recipes Natasha always turned out sooo good ?! The two secrets to light and fluffy scones are the same as for making flaky pastry – use very cold butter and don’t mix the butter into the dough completely. We are so happy you're here. Here you'll find delicious, trusted recipes with easy step-by-step photos and videos. Keep me posted if you try a new winning flavor combination! I’m so happy you enjoyed the recipe , Thank you so much for this recipe. , Jessica, I’m so happy to hear that! Brush tops of scones with 1 Tbsp heavy cream and sprinkle with raw sugar if desired. That’s so awesome Daryl! I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Doubled the recipe to make more came up good. Great recipe! What can I say except they are some very happy kids!!! Would that work? #6 always bake on bake mode not roast mode – I know it is dump but I made this mistake with Paska and never again… lol, Thanks for recipe. . I’m already a scone-fan, once I discovered how easy they are to make, I’ll think twice before handing Starbucks my money Thanks, Natasha! I come from a Bakery family and I find no reason for a Liquid Substitute. Pour egg mixture into the flour mixture and use a spatula to stir just until moistened. Hi Natasha This recipe looks delish! , I just made them and they’re cooling down before I glaze them. Also, try just a pinch of cinnamon in the scones because cinnamon and blueberries love each other. I have tried different scones using recipe from american test kitchen and others turned out some of the delicious some of them dry, and i think i know why because i have convectional oven and it does bake faster than original ovens and first batch cooked faster than it was expected. I’ve never seen a scone recipe with eggs or sugar in it – is this an American thing? I have a photo but I couldnt find a place to post it. tip: don’t wash the dish with your cream/egg mix. Collect the scraps neatly, roll them out and cut more circles. The two secrets to light and fluffy scones are the same as for making flaky pastry – use very cold butter and don’t mix the butter into the dough completely. HI Lana, to be honest I haven’t tried these with rhubarb so I can’t really give a recommendation for it. That’s so cute. Mix until just blended. Thanks so much for sharing! You might need to bake them for a few more minutes than usual. Have you tried scones? I’m so happy you enjoyed the recipe! My sister Tanya hosted a ladies brunch/ girls tea party and these were my contribution. Yay, I’m glad to hear the recipe is a favorite of yours! You’re welcome Anna! Brush the tops of the scones with the egg wash, sprinkle with granulated sugar and bake for 20 to 25 minutes, until the tops are browned and the insides are fully baked. Let me know how you like it! Best scone recipe ever! Thanks for sharing your excellent review Francis! Get weekly updates on new recipes, exclusive giveaways plus behind the scenes photos. And they are not overly sweet. Great recipe. My hubby isn’t into raisins or cranberries. Can the scones be frozen and glazed when thawed? Can’t wait to try these! Thank you so much , Made these with frozen raspberries, lemon zest and lemon glaze instead. I would add an equal amount or up to 1 cup chocolate chips. Add an additional egg white to the recipe. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I wanted to make scones for our “high tea” and found this recipe. A 3/4 cup seemed to be just the ticket. First time making scones and these are by far the best I’ve ever had!!! I would like to make this recipe also but, as I am European is difficult to understand correctly the measurement for the ingredients. Hi Elizabeth, I have not tried that substitution but I really do think the dough needs the fat and thickness of the heavy cream to form properly. Hi Karen, that should still work but the proportions will be a little different. Very moist and has a wonderful texture. Is their anything that I could sub for cranberries? Easy recipe, thanks so much , I haven’t tried with fresh cranberries. Can I use fresh blueberries instead of dried cranberries? You’re welcome Tanya! They were delicious! Scones are typically flour, baking powder, butter (rubbed in) and milk. Perfect scone recipe! . Their were only a few left today so I just made more. 1/4 cup granulated sugar, plus extra for sprinkling, 2 teaspoons grated orange zest (2 oranges), 3/4 pound (3 sticks) cold unsalted butter, diced, 1 egg beaten with 2 tablespoons water, for egg wash, 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons confectioners' sugar, 4 teaspoons freshly squeezed orange juice, Sign up for the Recipe of the Day Newsletter Privacy Policy. Thank you so much for the amazing review!! Hi! #5. Its great to know that these work well with milk! Denae, you could just leave them out or sub with dry cherries . Thank you for sharing that with us! Thank you for the recipe they were amazing! Wish me luck, Scones were amazing thanks for the recipe.keep up the great work❤️. 2. The idea of sweet sugary toppings on scones probably has my ancestors turning over in their graves. 6) Allow the scones to cool for 15 mins and then whisk together the icing sugar and orange juice, and drizzle over the top. Sahane, Oh wow feta and dill sound wonderful! I'm Natasha Kravchuk. Flour a 3-inch round plain or fluted cutter and cut circles of dough. . Just want to share few tips from my previous experience. Cranberry and Orange is such a great combination! The only difference with my oven is that it took 40 min to get them brown. , Natasha, I just got done glazing them and just had to tell you that these scones are divine! Do you have a recipe posted with the ingredients you mentioned? – it’s a fairly low-guilt dessert. Pinning these beauties. I have been using sour cream I just add a little bit more then half cup. Hi Robin, I haven’t experimented with gluten free flour for this recipe so I can’t really make any recommendations on that.

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