Why are railways a “summation” of the fundamental capitalist industries? Discuss the 5 features of imperialism Lenin outlines: (1) the concentration of production and capital has developed to such a high stage that it has created monopolies which play a decisive role in economic life; (2) the merging of bank capital with industrial capital, and the creation, on the basis of this “finance capital”, of a financial oligarchy; (3) the export of capital as distinguished from the export of commodities acquires exceptional importance; (4) the formation of international monopolist capitalist associations which share the world among themselves, and (5) the territorial division of the whole world among the biggest capitalist powers is completed. The essay is a synthesis of Lenin's modifications and developments of economic theories that Karl Marx formulated in Das Kapital (1867). Lenin’s Imperialism remains as one of the most important works for understanding the political, economic, and social consequences of global capitalism. How does the ability to make production estimates in the monopoly phase of capitalism already embody a socialist potential? Why has Lenin deemed it necessary to spend so much time in the pamphlet challenging Kautsky? Radical Reviewer and Peter Coffin review Vladimir Lenin's book Imperialism the Highest Stage of Capitalism. As an example of the need to counter the confusion sowed by bourgeois professors, Lenin observes: “The task of a bourgeois professor is not to lay bare the entire mechanism, or to expose all the machinations of the bank monopolists, but rather to present them in a favorable light.” Discuss the contemporary relevance of Lenin’s observation. How can the super profits obtained through parasitism lead to working-class opportunism in the imperialist countries? It does encourage respectful attention to the entire Marxist tradition, as well as to cutting-edge tools and concepts from the present-day social science literatures. 667-766 Online Version: Lenin Internet Archive (marxists.org) 1999; Transcription/Markup: Tim Delaney Abridged by John Baldridge and Sarah Ryan Full text available at In short, this article will consider not so much the theory of "imperialism" of Lenin's title, but the theory of "the highest stage of capitalism" of Lenin's subtitle. Lenin's Imperialism proposes the concept of a new stage of capitalism as the solution to the theoretical crisis within Marxism that emerged with capitalist recovery at the turn of the 20th century. The pamphlet here presented to the reader was written in the spring of 1916, in Zurich. How does Lenin come to the conclusion that capitalism is parasitic and decaying? Why does Lenin refer to Kautsky’s so-called Marxist critique of imperialism, which is based on the assumption that capitalist expansion can best be promoted not by violence but by peaceful democracy, a “reformist swindle”? Science & Society does not adhere to any particular school of contemporary Marxist discussion, and does not attempt to define precise boundaries for Marxism. The Lenin-Hobson Theory of Imperialism: A Didactic Drama in Five Acts. 667 766. This issue of productiveness, Lenin points out, tends to be used by bourgeois economists to make it seem like general abundance is always just around the corner. How does Lenin connect the emergence of imperialism to the tendency of capitalist development toward the concentration of productive forces? If not, what other industry might be? Imperialism The Highest Stage Of Capitalism. Science & Society Why does Lenin include, early on in this chapter, a discussion of why degrees of productiveness or the development of capital has nothing to do with eliminating poverty? Written: January-June, 1916 Published: First published in mid-1917 in pamphlet form, Petrograd.Published according to the manuscript and verified with the text of the pamphlet. Why does Lenin argue that the treaties that signaled the end of WWI contributed to an emerging global revolutionary situation? imperialism): Why does imperialism signal a shift from the export of goods to the export of capital? How and why does finance capital tend to dramatically expand its holdings during times of crisis (such as depressions and recessions)? Lenin identifies the growing power and influence of banks as one of the primary shifts from capitalism to imperialism. LENIN WROTE Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism in 1916 in the middle of the carnage of the First World War.. Why does Lenin argue that the decline of the significance or importance of the Stock Exchange accompanies the transition from competitive to monopoly capitalism? Why did this bourgeois hesitation stop short of connecting imperialism to the heart of capitalism? on January 16, 2017, There are no reviews yet. Lenin's Imperialism proposes the concept of a new stage of capi- With a personal account, you can read up to 100 articles each month for free. option. Written: January-June, 1916 Published: First published in mid-1917 in pamphlet form, Petrograd. Why would bourgeois economists try to distort or deny this tendency? The more capitalism is developed, the more strongly the shortage of raw materials is felt, the more intense the competition and the hunt for sources of raw materials throughout the whole world, the more desperate the struggle for the acquisition of colonies.”, “The rentier state is a state of parasitic, decaying capitalism, and this circumstance cannot fail to influence all the socio-political conditions of the countries concerned, in general, and the two fundamental trends in the working-class movement, in particular.”, Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism, The right of nations to self-determination, Imperialism: The highest stage of capitalism, From opium wars to trade wars: China’s long path toward socialism. Why does imperialism tend toward war, and why have bourgeois apologists gone to such lengths to deny this? What do we know about the global balances of forces today? © 1995 S&S Quarterly, Inc. Why is the electrical industry the most typical of capitalism in the late 1800s-early 1900s?

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