The mixed oxide (CeZr) sample was synthesized by the coprecipitation method at conditions previously described [25]. As the temperature increases the intensity of this peak (1659 cm−1) decreases suggesting that this ketone is desorbed. CPR- She carried out the TPSR followed by IR-MS, interpreted the data of the catalytic tests (isoconversion and rates) and the characterization results. The TPD profiles were normalized based on the N2 signal intensity. Taking Roxyg and Rolef values (Table 1) into account and employing ZrO2 as catalyst, it can be said that when 1 mol of ethanol reacts 54% is transformed into ethylene and the remaining 46% into oxygenated compounds. Thus, the acid and basic properties of the catalysts are relevant properties for the synthesis of this ketone from ethanol. The TPSR results are very different from the CZA catalytic performance depicted in Table 1 and Fig. The aim of this work is to describe the influence of physical–chemical properties of three different catalysts on each step of this reaction. The acetone synthesis from ethanol is quite interesting because not only this alcohol is a renewable feedstock, but also it does not generate phenol as a by-product. [5] well describes the acetone synthesis when CZA, ZrO2 and CeZr are employed as catalysts. Figure 2 depicts the TPD of H2O on the CeZr and ZrO2 reduced samples. Thus, for this step, the oxides might show similar behavior. J Catal 109:298–302, Nakajima T, Nameta H, Mishima S, Matsuzaki I, Tanabe K (1994) A highly active and highly selective oxide catalyst for the conversion of ethanol to acetone in the presence of water vapour. The redox environment of the acetone synthesis from ethanol when employing CZA, CeZr and ZrO2 is exhibited by the TPSR followed by the IR-MS spectroscopy. The CeZr higher concentration of vacancies promotes its reducibility [30] and the H2O dissociation activity. In a batch reactor the hyper‐butanol‐producing mutant strain C. beijerinckii BA101 utilized 57.3 g/L glucose and produced 24.2 g/L total solvents, while in the integrated process it produced 51.5 g/L (culture volume) total solvents. The selectivities to acetaldehyde, CO2 and propene are 25, 10 and 10%, respectively. Figure 5 depicts the spectra of the TPSR-MS (ethanol/H2O) on the CeZr catalyst. As a result, ethoxide vibrations show that the CeZr surface is partially reduced at the ethanol adsorption, and also at higher temperatures. [39], the absorption at 1152 cm−1 can be associated with ethoxide species adsorbed on Zr+4. Generally, strains are developed to produce highest possible ratio of butanol over acetone and ethanol. Ethanol is a platform molecule that can generate many different products employing one-pot processes and multifunctional catalysts. After that H2O reoxidizes the CeZr surface (H2 desorption at 610 K) recovering the O of the surface. The acetone and CO2 spectra are very similar confirming that both compounds are generated by the same reaction (ketonization). The synthesis of acetone from ethanol occurs by the ketonization of acetate species. volume 11, Article number: 30 (2017) Li HG(1), Luo W, Gu QY, Wang Q, Hu WJ, Yu XB. The effluent was analyzed by on-line mass spectroscopy (MS). The composition of the latter is the following: CuO (60 wt%), ZnO (29 wt%) and Al2O3 (11 wt%). Appl Catal A 475:48–54, Aranifard S, Ammal SC, Heyden A (2014) On the importance of metal–oxide interface sites for the water–gas shift reaction over Pt/CeO2 catalysts. However, this ketone can be generated from ethanol (a renewable feedstock) in one-step. Cookies policy. Figure 4b depicts the TPSR spectra at the 1800–1200 cm−1 range. According to Phatak et al. Three catalytic systems were employed: Ce0.75Zr0.25O2 (CeZr), monoclinic ZrO2 and Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 (CZA). Appl Surf Sci 1:443–454, Daturi M, Appel LG (2002) Infrared spectroscopic studies of surface properties of Mo/SnO2 catalyst.

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