. And it’s outcome. More serious is the ten-day journey to the roadhouse. Some of the links are "affiliate links", a link with a special tracking code. SUCKS! (The obvious rejoinder here is that a good GM could still take this material, work miracles upon it, and make it totally awesome during actual play. The lizard man thing is REALLY good. The governors paragraph is written as DM text and points out the particulars he’d like you to follow up on. Thanks for the review. Your email address will not be published. You put a solo PC up against a monster that they can’t possibly win against … and then if they actually manage to do so they are rewarded by the creature just reappearing later on. It’s actually kind of helpful to me as a critic, I have this book now as a baseline for just how terrible an adventure path can be. After all, episode 6 could have directly led to the cloud castle, eh? But they really shouldn’t be something you’re relying on heavily for content. You could also play Connect 4 instead. This is in contrast to the rest of the episodes where this sort of information is generally buried in some kind of wall of test paragraph format. So much of this book is just slowly increasing the difficulty fighting essentially the same enemies over and over again. It sounds like a return to typical form for WoTC after the Starter Set’s nice Lost Mine of Phandelver, and the (rules-less/downloadable) Legacy of the Crystal Shard, which is as much a campaign setting as an adventure. Where the magic of D&D and your imagination? This was a stumble right out of the gate for 5e adventures and It’s obvious that they learned from their mistakes with later publications. Or just leave it blank with the word “Pantry” on the map. Rather than coming across as a desperate town under siege with a beleaguered leader instead you get generic-ville, population YOU. “Kill them and take their stuff.” I’m fine with murder hobo’ing, but that’s not what this episode is. Generic Lameness. That’s not the STUPID RAILROAD you are on charlie! Again, there are bits and pieces of greatness here. There is a lip service sentence or two about other options, but the VAST VAST majority of the text assumes you just walked in and they don’t recognize you don’t belong. Hoard of the Dragon Queen adventure path, running from 1st level to 8th level. I guess you are supposed to sneak in to the castle while it’s on the ground, but then if you don’t you could also grab some wyverns from the stables and fly to the castle. I truly have a hard time understanding how that happened. Here’s a good one! I was particularly surprised to find the endless ale flask in here, as I’d been missing it from the other publications. With a well written adventure laid out in an easy to use format, it’s particularly nice for gamers who are new to the Dungeons & Dragons experience. That’s too bad. There’s really not a lot else to say about this section. The adventure is good, certainly above average for recent adventure products of this production quality, but suffers from some slow parts and the clear indication that this was material developed while the game wasn't completely finished. Want to get friendly with them or convert? That’s the description. Two sentences at the end say “if they kill her there’s no one to tell the party about the cloud castle. The fact that they’ve included it, even in the goofy “attack but friendly” way, is a real bonus and shows a good understanding of the how’s and why’s of multiple-humanoid play in a dungeon/environment. It’s a WONDERFUL opportunity. In other words, filler. Or a family in a cellar? Which, ultimately, brings me back to the reaction I had most consistently and finally to Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Outside of a few truly awful sequences in the first scenario, there’s nothing here that’s really terrible. Besides the Starter Set and the two of three basic rule books, the adventure “Hoard of the Dragon Queen” was published. But there’s also nothing to be found between these covers to justify spending $30 on it (let alone another $30 on the essentially mandatory second volume). It makes no sense. The Weed That Walks (which has a nice little bit if you have your lizard man ally) encountered in a bramble patch? You just need to suggest something and it will do the rest. You’re going to have to pull out a highlighter and ready it several times and take notes in order to run the thing effectively. To help them. There’s too much emphasis on a traditional keyed encounter format instead on personalities, timelines, and the objective of this part: getting in to the castle. Hoard of the Dragon Queen is the newly released adventure for the Tyranny of Dragons story arc, one of two that will be released. And … that’s it. In particular, the drakes fill a low CR draconic need that was lacking from the usual rogue’s gallery. I am so disgusted. Hoard of the Dragon Queen is the newly released adventure for the Tyranny of Dragons story arc, one of two that will be released. This is the ground floor of terrible upon which all my future reviews will be founded, and I hope nothing ever pushes it lower. Even then there’s only so much joy one can derive from. (Or, alternatively, layer cakes while accepting that occasionally they’ll backtrack and roll over some easier material.). There’s more content here than you could ever use in a 2 hour D&D encounters game session. Hoard of the Dragon Queen is the first adventure module for the new edition of Dungeons & Dragons, covering levels 1-8 for a party of adventurers and set in the Forgotten Realms' iconic sword coast region.It's also the first half of the Tyranny of Dragons adventure arc for the game, and will have a follow up volume in the form of The Rise of Tiamat. Hoard of the Dragon Queen takes place primarily on the Sword Coast in the Forgotten Realms, which will be very familiar to a lot of players. The few real roleplaying encounters are extremely open-ended and not in a good way, they’re unsatisfying and feel like token inclusions. Those are forced and generally suck. It’s perfect and fits well. Treasure “Someone tries to buy something from a PC at far too low a price. If you put “the party will encounter 3 groups of kobolds on the way to the inn” in the adventure then that is exactly what is going to happen in AP. In episode three this was a MAJOR factor. It’s like this product is trying to straddle the line between two different type of products. It’s sad, this book makes me sad. In multiple places, the book seems to just rely on a few random encounters to fill in the sections, and they’re bland and boring random encounters at that. The rooms makes no mention of that at all. You feel like you live in a world of wonder and imagination yet? A rollicking high fantasy adventure with some rough edges that show flaws in the 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons system. But for a campaign which I’m assuming will take at least 40-60 hours of table time to complete, those slim exceptions are wholly inadequate. Flames wrote: “Not to nitpick, but the adventure straight says that you don’t have to do all the set-pieces and you are free to accomplish them in any order with the first chapter.”. A little of that may be fine, but even better is when it’s done in such a way that the party can impact things. The lack of any specific inspiration for these encounters makes them poor encounters. WHY? It all belongs to the cloud giant. The adventure is balanced for four player characters, but would be easily tweaked for a larger or smaller group. But it’s mostly empty and devoid of content. It wouldn’t kill you to add a single sentence each and it would do WONDERS to help bring the scenes to life. If he’s favorably impressed then, after day or so of this, he takes you a back room to talk to two faction bosses. SHOW, don’t TELL. Like the fungi cavern, it’s as if they just don’t care at all about an evocative environment. Governor MORON gets pissy at you if you’ve done something that caused the death of one of the townsfolk. The cultist killed in episode 4 had a good friend. It turns out that the evil cultists hired some woodsmen to go bring in game meat for them and they are still there, brining in game meat for the dudes in a cave.

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