The teams were divided by gender at the beginning, male contestants on the blue team, and female contestants on the red team. It’s the new 17th Season and it’s Hell’s Kitchen All Stars. [1][2] This is the first season in Hell's Kitchen history to have an all star edition as sixteen former contestants from previous seasons return to compete once again (also their first time since Season 8 returned to 16 contestants, instead of 18), and the winner of this season will receive the position as head chef at the first-ever Gordon Ramsay Hell's Kitchen Restaurant at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the Gastropub Night dinner service, Michelle was on the garnish station. The red team won the challenge 26-25, she said that they needed the confidence boost. Michelle nearly misinformed Manda a second time, but thanks to Elise taking over tasting duty, Manda was able to deliver a perfectly-cooked pasta. Then, she reminded Elise that they could not base it off just one night, considered Dana for elimination, but struggled on the second choice as they would have a three-way tie for nominations. During the Cave Meat Challenge, Michelle did not want to waste any time for her team, and collected lentils. Near the end of the time limit, she annoyed Dana when she kept calling her pasta as dumplings. During dinner service, Michelle served a special seared octopus appetizer tableside. The foul-mouthed chef brought back 16 previous contenders to fight for the chance to win a job with him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Challenge: Before heading off to bed, Ramsay announced a pasta challenge tomorrow where the chefs had to create three portions a gourmet pasta dish with a $20 budget at a local grocery store. Season 13: La Tasha McCutchen Team challenge: For their next challenge, Ramsay announced that both teams would be cooking with three of the earliest meat hunted by man; boar, venison, and elk. The red team had to work with Marino in cleaning the dining room and kitchen along with polishing Marino's shoes and prepping for next service. Michelle won the challenge, and she was rewarded with a helicopter tour of Los Angeles and ate lunch at 71 Above. Aiden's been an entertainment freelancer for over 10 years covering movies, television and the occasional comic or video game beat. At one point, she sliced the chicken as she proved herself last time on meat, and gave it to Barbie as there was no pink inside it. Michelle's door opened, making her the 17th winner and first All-Star winner of Hell's Kitchen; Benjamin took his defeat graciously. She was the first person from the red team to have her dish judged, and went up against Bret from the blue team. Elimination: Despite being told to nominate two people, the red team had a three way tie between Dana, Michelle and Elise due to Jennifer and Elise ganging up against Michelle. This San Bernardino, California resident was 24 when she won the seventh season of “Hell’s Kitchen” on August 10, 2010. While Elise blamed her for not tasting it, she argued that the former grabbed it from her before she had the chance, leading to a brief argument. However, she accused Milly and Meghan for going by process of elimination, and while she knew that it was becoming a popularity contest, she knew that it was Ramsay’s decision in the end. After T struggled to get her Wellingtons up, Ramsay reminded her either she ran the kitchen, or the kitchen ran her. Milly missed an intentional ticket mistake from Marino, but became vocal and caught Christina giving him shrimp instead of lobster as well as multiple mistakes from Michelle on mashed potatoes. Conversely, on the red team, Manda was on appetizers, but due to having Celiac Disease, could not taste the pasta dishes for doneness and would need Michelle's help. The Grammys will be forced to explain themselves imo. During dinner service, Michelle served a fresh seafood appetizer tableside. On the chicken entrée round, her chicken and ginger braised bok choy praised for having a great combination of flavors, and she scored 8 points. 16 This Traverse City, Michigan resident was 29 when she won the sixteenth season of “Hell’s Kitchen” on February 2, 2017. Michelle sent back Milly's undercooked halibut and noticed Christina giving her the wrong garnish (it was supposed to be creamed spinach), but mistook ribeye for New York strip. [32], Gordon Ramsay (Head Chef) • James Avery (Blue Team Sous Chef) • Andi Van Willigan-Cutspec (Red Team Sous Chef) • Marino Monferrato (Maître d'hôtel), Sarah Baumert • Randy Bell • Nick Peters Bond • Monique Booker • Michael Dussault • Meghan Gill • T Gregoire • Mieka Houser • Bret Hauser • Christine Hazel • Adam Livow • Milly Medley • Brendan Pelley • Alison Rivera • Chrissa Schmerler • Cameron Spagnolo • Michelle Tribble • Josh Trovato, Gordon Ramsay (Head Chef) • James "Jocky" Petrie (Blue Team Sous Chef) • Christina Wilson (Red Team Sous Chef) • Marino Monferrato (Maître d'hôtel), Robyn Almodovar • Jared Bobkin • Dana Cohen • Giovanni Filippone • Van Hurd • Benjamin Knack • Barbie Marshall • Milly Medley • Ashley Nickell • Jennifer Normant • Manda Palomino • Nick Peters Bond • Michelle Tribble • Josh Trovato • Ben Walanka • Elise Harris, Michelle's Confessional (Head Chef Jacket), Michelle with her portrait in the Wall of Fame. At one point, she was shocked when there were three people on appetizers due to Milly's problems, and during entrée, despite being determined to give Ramsay a good service that night, she was momentarily late on sending out the halibut sauce to Sous Chef Jocky’s annoyance. “Hell’s Kitchen” season 17 is an “All Stars” edition of this reality competition series hosted by Gordon Ramsey. During the cooking, she asked Meghan if she knew what to do with alligator, but the latter said that she did not, and while she admitted that while she never cooked with alligator before, she hoped that Ramsay would like her dish. It was the first time they won a challenge since Episode 6. While being dismissed, she was shocked to be in the finale with the two men but knew that she had to kick it up harder.[30]. She was in charge of the New York striploin course, Josh suggested that she put her steaks in earlier to let them rest, but she ignored him after the tuna incident earlier, with Ramsay even saying that he trusted her with the steak. She retained her friendships with Milly and her close one with Nick, especially when he stood up for her to Elise. Both Robyn and Jennifer led well on lobster pasta with the only problem being Robyn plating more spaghetti than needed. During the cooking, she said that she was happy she got France as it was not a difficult country to pair up any type of food. For her cold appetizer, she presented her Hamachi Crudo, Ramsay praised the fragrance of the citrus. According to a Q-A session on Instagram, she is set to make a cameo as a customer in. On the striped bass dish, Milly led the blue team vocally and got his dishes out with no problems, but in the red kitchen, most of the bass were burnt and Elise accused her team of sabotaging her, despite her not checking them before serving them. Benjamin Knack Back at the dorms, she said that she would rather have Barbie or Elise eliminated over Manda. Times Nominated She was paired up with Barbie on the elk, they were the final pair from the red team to have their dishes judged, and they went up against the pair of Benjamin and Robyn.

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