It’s been a while, but I made it with a boneless pork roast in the slow cooker. Thanks for years of great recipes. Mel, I just listened to your podcast and I was thrilled that you mentioned the Brazilian cheese bread. Required fields are marked *. Otherwise, the outside may char … 3 hours 25 minutes Will continue trying more . I had just under 2 hrs to marinade them, but they still turned out so delicious! We love these pork chops, and make them every few weeks. We love pork chops at our house so this will be a standby from now on! That makes a world of difference. I paired it with your baked brown rice which NEVER disappoints. Double Dipped Life – let me know how they turn out! This was a fantastic recipe! It is possible to get juicy flavorful grilled pork without the bone. Denise – ditto on my comment to Brittany above, thanks for trying these so quickly! Hi Mel, I do the same with my steaks. Thanks for the rating and review! They all kept telling me how good they were & they all ate to full capacity! Monica. Our preference is always a 1-2 inch "thick-cut" chop. Use hashtag #theseasonedmom. So is it safe to eat pork at 145? Ingredients So glad I found this recipe! © Mel Will it still work? This post may contain affiliate links. to cook on the grill, sounds good , will be trying it tonight. This marinade is perfection. Grilling moist tender meat, particularly pork chops can sometimes be a challenge; in this case it was not. Need proof? Thanks for another winner Mel! Thank you! Thank you so much!!!! My hubby is wanting me two make these twice a week now. Refrigerate and marinade for at least 3 hours and up to 24 hours. For now, I have a “Grilled” category and my “Skillet” category is all no-oven. Combine all the spices together and store in an airtight container. Don’t know if I’ll make pork any other way. Thanks for another great recipe Melanie!!! Wire Whisk I grilled it in my grill pan in the stove and it was perfect, carmalized edges, grill marks and it was tender an juicy! I have been making your recipes for the last eight or nine years, I can’t remember exactly, but I started reading your blog when you only had two or three comments. Can I just add one thing on the marinade – oyster sauce? It’s quick and easy (as long as I remember to do the marinade in the morning). Thanks for the great recipe. That juice really redistributes and makes them so tender and juicy! Always good to get excited about food any time of the day . I used pork ribeye and Cain’s Steak Seasoning. Good luck! I didn’t realize this was an old post! If you want tender, juicy chops allow them to rest covered in foil! 15 minutes It’s fabulous lol! We saved some of the cheese bread to eat while we watched the opening ceremonies for the olympics in Brazil. Here's a handy chart that provides a closer approximation for your reference: Again, the best way to know when your meat is done is to use an instant-read meat thermometer. I love so much about your work, Mel, but perhaps close to the top is showcased in this recipe. Goodness. Tricia – I think this marinade would be delicious on beef! Looking forward to these Pork Chops! Loved these! But let me tell you – this is one delicious meal! I made boneless pork chops last night and my son actually groaned, lol! Cover with foil, let rest 5-10 minutes before enjoying. It might add a bit of a flavor on the meat. I grill 2 at a time. I just throw the ingredients in the bag…rub my hands together on the outside. Anyway- I used low-sodium soy sauce & Uncle Chris’ Steak Seasoning. Will try the cooking method again but will look for another marinade. I hope you make this recipe, add it to the top of your list for grilling! My bf is not a huge fan of pork chops and my parents are very picky about the spices used. This is definitely my go to for new recipes.

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