Comet NEOWISE will come closest to Earth after sunset tonight, passing at a safe distance of 64 million miles. Hotels remain open, but guests should return nightly by 10 p.m. Descubriendo los simbolos de Apocalipsis 11:00 pm: KWHY Canal 22 Los Angeles HDTV 22.1 Cosita linda 6:00 pm Noticias 22, a las 7PM 7:00 pm Pelicula 8:00 pm Noticias 22, a las 10PM 10:00 pm Milenio Noticias con Sergio Gómez Villarreal 10:35 pm La fiesta de los comediantes 11:00 pm: KWHY Retro TV Here are some tips to help you find it in the night sky before it vanishes. Rent is falling in Los Angeles. Comet NEOWISE will come closest to Earth after sunset tonight, passing at a safe distance of 64 million miles.It will be higher in the sky and easier to see. Our Dr. Davy Kirkpatrick snapped the icy body rising above Cahuenga Peak in Los Angeles early this a.m. (The comet is … Visible around sunrise and sunset only. As Los Angeles Times assistant Travel editor, Mary Forgione writes and edits stories for the digital and print Travel section. Op-Ed: On the COVID frontlines, we’re tired of hearing lame excuses for risky behavior. You may occasionally receive promotional content from the Los Angeles Times. Looking up from a dark place away from city lights about 90 minutes after sunset, “it looks like a fuzzy star with a little bit of a tail,” according to She loves tips and stories about running, hiking and anything to do with the outdoors. All Rights Reserved. It’s a tough 22-mile day hike, with or without the pandemic. to Holiday Shopping with Leah and Shawn, Homeworx by Harry Slatkin-Candles & Home Fragrance, Dying to Be Famous: The Ryan Singleton Mystery, Three Angels Broadcasting Network Programming. Insider tips on the best of our beaches, trails, parks, deserts, forests and mountains. Cheers! And there’s no way that it could smack into the Earth because it’s on a different orbital path, according to NASA. Most airlines will fill middle seats soon. History of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree, How to see the Leonid meteor shower tonight, Storm Warning: Tahoe could see a foot of snow this weekend, VIDEO: Halloween 'blue moon' shines over DTLA, LA County supervisors decline to overturn dining ban, LA County on the brink of new stay-home order amid COVID surge, Biden picks Alejandro Mayorkas to lead DHS. Finding Your Roots With Henry Louis Gates Jr. Local News Public Interest Weather Forecast. Despite emphatic warnings from officials to stay home for Thanksgiving, millions of Americans are crowding the nation’s airports ahead of the holiday. Hiking Mt. Early morning risers have been treated to views of Comet Neowise, captured in a photo in Kansas on Monday, but the comet will be visible in Los Angeles about an hour after sunset this week. Stargazers are in for a treat -- a newly discovered comet is visible in the July night sky. Only objects that will reach an altitude of at least 15° and set/rise at least 15 minutes after/before the Sun for given location are listed. Comet NEOWISE is so bright that it can be seen with the naked eye, but that doesn’t mean you’ll get a perfect view. This page lists the Solar System objects visible tonight from East Los Angeles, United States following an ideal timeline that goes from today's sunset to tomorrow's sunrise. ‘Call his bluff’: Edward Norton lays out poker-style Trump analysis we never expected, Actor Edward Norton spelled out Donald Trump’s lame-duck actions in poker terms on Friday, laying out the president’s “desperate endgame.”, Which SoCal airports have COVID-19 testing? Add a pair of binoculars or a small telescope, and the comet and its tail will be easier to spot. Capture the Moment How is That Possible Special, Three Colors of Fantasies: Star of the Universe, Back to the Gospel with Missionary Kim Yong-Ui, Anchor School of Theology: Prophetic Principles, Milenio Noticias con Sergio Gómez Villarreal, Sousa on the Rez: Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum, Turmoil & Triumph: The George Shultz Years, Foreigner, Peter Frampton, Chicago, Christopher Cross. Appreciation: My lunch with Jan Morris, writer, traveler, transgender pioneer. It will be higher in the sky and easier to see. Researchers say this is the first time the comet will be passing Earth in 6,800 years. Total Gym; the most effective way to stay your best, without leaving home! Explore California, the West and beyond with the weekly Escapes newsletter. Mt. For Alaska, the date is Jan. 6, What California’s widespread curfew means for hotels: They’re still open. NASA scientists estimate the liquid part as the equivalent of “13 million Olympic swimming pools of water.” It’s moving about 40 miles per second, or 144,000 mph. Christopher Reynolds recalls a charming lunch in Wales with the witty, learned and enthusiastic traveler. John Wayne in Santa Ana will start in spring. Welsh writer Jan Morris died Friday at 94. California’s new stay-at-home order now in effect: What you need to know. You’ll see a list of comets, brightest to faintest, in real-time. In this YouTube video, Lance Lucero, product manager at scope-maker Celestron, explains how to find the comet in the night sky. A modified stay-at-home order goes into effect for the much of California as of Saturday morning to try to slow the rapid spread of the coronavirus. Are restaurants causing LA County's COVID-19 surge? Copyright © 2020 KABC-TV. The comet is named C/2020 F3 and added NEOWISE after the acronym for the NASA telescope (the Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer) that discovered it in March. The lights are the city of Bakersfield. Not Delta, Southwest will fill middles seats starting Dec. 1. ... As Los Angeles Times … L.A. County public health officials on Saturday announced they will issue an order suspending outdoor dining at restaurants amid a surge of new coronavirus cases. At the moment, it is brighter than Halley's Comet was in 1986. Comet NEOWISE (C/2020 F3) is viewable from Earth in July! Comet NEOWISE has been wowing watchers since early July. Millions of Americans bought plane tickets for Thanksgiving before the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention advised against holiday air travel. Kayaking and cat therapy on a Santa Barbara getaway by train, Going away but staying close soothed the mind after months of staying home, L.A. County suspends outdoor dining at restaurants as coronavirus surges. The Comet NEOWISE as seen in mid-July from Mt. Pinos, about 90 miles northwest of downtown L.A. D.J. Ontario begins drive-through testing today. Whitney just opened to hikers and backpackers. Pinos. But in suburban markets such as the Inland Empire, rent is rising fast. Looking for a Medicare Plan? Ignoring CDC pleas, millions of Americans took flights over the weekend. 9 hikes to be grateful for this Thanksgiving, Work off the holiday meal on these routes, easy and tough, where you can stay apart from others, Thanksgiving air travel is way down from 2019 — but still too high, officials say.

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