Clams with Black Bean Sauce Posted by JMom | Thursday, July 12, 2007 | Chinese, seafood | 5 comments » This is one of my favorite ways of cooking clams, and whenever I go to a Chinese restaurant that offers this, I never fail to order it. Asi is my only daughter who shares this dish with me. Shrimp with Honey Walnut & Mayonnaise Sauce, Special Combination Tender Beef Noodle Soup, Special Combination Rice Noodle or Egg Noodle. This place gets a lot of hype. Bathrooms could use a facelift and probably even some more frequent stocking and maintenance, but neither of those points warrant a star reduction from 5-star AWESOMENESS. So I wanted to take my parents out to a decent restaurant to eat; however, how do you please the hard to please? I like how they have their own signature to-go bags that is durable and not the typical plastic bag. Add in chopped ginger, garlic, shallot and chillies. Make reservations beforehand if you are looking to accommodate a big party of about 6+ people. They eventually became a packed out when we were finished with our dinner and had kindly asked us to vacate our table so that they can set up for the 5 table reservation that they had waiting downstairs.All in all, the food tasted standard and not much fireworks came out of the whole experience except for the baked black cod. Drop them off at the restaurant, and go park in the lot (if they knew I was paying for parking when there's free parking.... well you know haha) We order the salt pepper crab, clams with black bean sauce, crispy whole chicken and a veggie dish. How do I know this? TOP 6 FOOD ORDERS THAT I RECOMMEND FOR YOUR DINING EXPERIENCE:- SIGNATURE FRIED CRAB - By far the freshest, garlic-fried, very meaty, delicious crab that you can get in the Bay Area! Wish they said something before we saw it on the check. Weird! Required fields are marked *. The food is really good and the service is great. When the waiter brought it to our table, I was aghast. Fung Kitchen, Oklahoma City Picture: pork belly/ roast duck, clams in black bean sauce BBQ bun, etc - Check out Tripadvisor members' 14,461 candid photos and videos of Fung Kitchen You better know what's good here before you order or else you might walk out unhappy like me. )- PEA SPROUTS - The only vegetable dish I care for! (though I would also suggest the noodle restaurant at Venetian - its closer, soupy and relatively not pricey). The servers got the routine down to keep their customers happy and the restaurant running in a timely manner. Yum yum. Try the Chow Fun Noodles dry or with a beef gravy sauce. Kuali would like to get to know you more – please do spend 10 secs to let us know your thoughts below! The seafood dishes, noodle soups with shrimp - Lots of shrimp - the thick chow fun noodles in black bean sauce with grilled beef steak. Stirfry well until fragrant. Menu may not be up to date. Busy w a small wait list on Wednesday after midnight.My friend's pho tai bo vien came out lukewarm so she couldn't enjoy it thereby didn't… rarely closed - 25.hours/dayCON1. I love this dish too and will try to make at home soon.Looking at the ingredients you've listed, I believe the black beans shoould be of the Chinese variety (Fermented dow-see or tausi) and not the Spanish type that's good for making salsa and/or salad.Josias J. No one else went to the restaurants around you. We sat in the upstairs portion of the restaurant and we ordered the following for dinner:- small order of baked black cod: MUST GET!!! Put it in the steamed buns that is included with the order, top it with the house sauce they provide and the combo is  DELISH!- CLAMS WITH BLACK BEAN SAUCE - I'm not sure if it was in season when we went and got this order, but their clams were really big and not the usual clam size! Stir-fried Clams in Salted Blackbean Sauce, Your email address will not be published. “Clams in black-bean sauce is another American mainstay: bright, piquant, boasting more loudly of its flavorings than of its clams,” Nicole Mones wrote in The New York Times Magazine in 2007 Adapted from her husband, Paul, this recipe comes together quickly Salted black beans are paired with bright aromatics, a wine-infused broth and briny clams… Pho Kim Long is one of those popular after hours eateries. On arriving, they had a large table for us and could be moved to a, 3231 N Classen Blvd, Oklahoma City, OK 73118-3425. She loves to put the sauce over her rice. I've had the pho, fried eggplant in garlic, fried chicken wings in garlic, wonton soup with egg noodles, ong choy, steamed chicken, Singapore noodles, fish in black bean sauce, pan fried noodles, honeydew smoothie, thai tea and thai coffee. We love Pho, so we eat it often. All fabulous. | Our other favorite menu items  are: Sweet and sour pork; Seafood clay pot; Oysters in black bean sauce; House special fried rice, and many other things. Want to chime in? And this dish wasn't cheap at $17. It's surprisingly difficult to find a decent Chinese restaurant in SF. Man, these clams are awesome. It was soooo good! more, I had a meetup group to come out to Fungs Kitchen for Dim Sum. This was just okay, I've had better. chinese menu is OK.   my american friends enjoy it.^^;2. seafood menu is MEH. 2016 - New Review from November 2016Awarded the Best in Las Vegas by all the Las Vegas publications - Pho Kim Long Restaurant - Listen to the delicious smells of the sizzling seafood, shrimp, scallops, and steak with ginger at the Las Vegas favorite Pho Kim Long on Spring Mountain and Valley View in Chinatown near the Chinatown Plaza by Highway 15 across from Fashion Mall. - HONEY GLAZED SEA BASS - The brownish color of the glazed fish looks very delightful. But I wasn't overwhelmed.Pho is solid - can't go wrong with any of the choices.I also tried the clams in black bean sauce (good), fried mussels (ok) and mayonnaise shrimp with walnuts (good).They asked if we wanted rice, we said yes. Thursday, July 12, 2007 We used manila clams for this recipe, which were quite small (about 25 to 30 per pound) but are beautiful and sweet. We started with a winter melon soup, which was delicious. It was a whole chicken on-the-bone cut into pieces. Was charged $3. Heat sesame oil in a wok and stirfry fermented salted black beans and spicy bean paste till aromatic. Crabs were a bit too salty, shrimps were as expected and the black cod was delicious. To produce a good size of these vegetable sprouts is quite costly considering the time and labor people spent on prepping it. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Saw other tables ordering it, but didn't feel like picking at it all night. Awesome Vietnamese restaurant. My favorite dish on the menu is #96 (fish w/black bean sauce). !Let me tell you, this was Deep Fried Crab with batter mixed with salt n pepper.Crab meat soup - I could not finish my cup, so was all my family.clams with black bean sauce - after tasting this dish, made me doubt that kitchen is run by short order cooks borrowed from Dennys or some Taco joint.Only the waiters act and looks genuine Chinese.Seriously, people who yelped "Tourist Trap!" great PHO2. My personal favorite!- HOUSE SPECIAL BEEF - Presentation of this dish is simple. The food was okay, I do love the clams. Sauteed Prawns & Snow Peas in X. O. (My grandma found a really tiny pearl in her clam. Every dish is fantastic, but if you like fried calamari you won't find better than here. There was only a mild hint of the salted egg flavor and the crab was a little overcooked that it was hard to crack and pick the meat out in once piece. Pity, he no longer works there.My most favorites: - clams with black bean sauce- green pea leaves with whole roasted garlic clovesPricey but very tasty- baked black cod (40 min wait time but worth it)- salt and pepper crabs (addictive)Can't go wrong items- Peking duck- R&G special beef- three treasures of black bean sauce- baby bokchoyTried but wouldn't order again - Roasted squab- deep fried oysters.

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