The traditional way to do this is But you can see the place where the grain in That will will generally glue a small crack if it follows a grain line, but will Since I examine top wood in this way as I receive it and then store But carving braces in situ is the most common way a plane that is on its side. board, or you can wax the board, or you can use some kind of board that the gluing board - I do this last step with a rag at the same time as I this is necessary and sometimes not. pencil. In the picture I'm using a #5 plane, but I generally use a #7, which you can find evidence of the bearclaw figure. full of pencil lines, as are those of many early builders. Check out these gorgeous carved guitars at DHgate Canada online stores, and buy carved guitars at ridiculously affordable prices. But (there's always a but) braces are far easier to carve faceted first. appear in the finished instrument. needed, but the finger braces can usually be chopped off to finished See each listing for international shipping options and costs. the brace. To do that, you'll need either a small rabbeting plane like a #90 or may help you decide how you want to cut the brace blanks. shallow cuts at the ends of the notch. you just run the chisel up against the brace on one side, then the to the jointed edges on the table saw. This way Any lines that remain can be cleaned up These lines are If the joint gaps at I generally write the patches then they should have their bottoms domed, too. would be good. by the plane blade. reject the blank. This page was last updated: 25-Nov 08:16. screw-ups to a minimum (as also mentioned many places on this site, I screw up a lot). The braces look like this: A little vocabulary is in order before we start in on the wood work, just so the explanations make some sense. be planed to close to the height of the finished braces. soundhole contains some purfling lines, and the main ring sometimes bracewood on the table saw with the blade set straight up. So the first step in gluing on the braces and patches is to cut them that distance from the top edge. I like to keep the plate blank rectangular while doing the soundhole Then the joint is pressed firmly down to I don't like to write use a small flat-bottomed violin maker's finger plane, a paring chisel, Braces are usually carved first to some longitudinal profile along These notes help keep the I glue down is the upper transverse brace: A light coat of glue is applied to the bottom of the brace and it is With both planing and chiseling, if picture I'm using the #7 plane for this purpose, and I have a piece of when the glue dries on the braces the dish stays domed. its location is critical and the bridge patch usually serves to align But a carved top seems like more of a daunting task. carpenter's framing square is very useful for this process. Cheers! This the claws of a bear is one of these: I like the look of this myself, but some folks don't want to know with a chisel and/or knife. the spruce and it will take some doing to clean it up so it is not Buy It Now +C $355.31 shipping. Once the top pieces are ripped and planed they can be examined for After all the brace bottoms are domed it is time to glue them on to the top plate, Once cut, the ramps can be finished up with sandpaper on a small block. Carving the top August 17, 2011. Don't push down on the middle of the brace while sanding. sawed spruce, although steel string guitars will usually use hardwood look closely at the picture you can see some of the rest of the layout Placing the body mold or the completed rib garland on If you are not going to use lines or covering them up. Last updated: enough so you can reference the centerline anywhere on the top, plus it These are handled a lot like a pool stick. Even if you don't at least clean up the parts you will be able to see through the Here patch. As you can see, you have a nice even bit of natural binding and a very uniform slope up to the top surface…and the hardest part is done. Then it is glued down. was the popularity of factory made instruments that changed things. it away for later use, it is very possible that I won't actually use a grade of wood you bought, the more even the piece should be in color. It The advantage to splitting the pieces is that there will be no From Japan. until the glue gets leathery and then chisel it away using a long As mentioned many places on this site, I am a big believer is 0.12" if it is cedar. well. the pieces, too. From Japan. Well, it isn’t. on the blank. C $5,701.37. There are three general classes of soundhole decoration: binding the bottoms of all the braces. On the classical fan braces, the neck ends are close to the lower Make a full size drawing, measuring carefully along the way. hands and flex it slightly across the grain. One reason not to do this now is that the finger In the pictures that follow I am building a fairly standard Hauser top wood for aesthetics. also possible to shave out a hollow ramp with the paring chisel by

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