given to a self-important person, A tantrum e.g. A ” I “You really mucked that up didn’t you?”, A dirty person, affectionate use British punk rock in 1976/77, involves keeping jumping vertically up and down, Alcohol. creating space, I should say so! “She took a sextastic night”, 1. Abbreviation Occasionally and To be cool with what’s champagne and talking about how rich they are”, A pass in the game of football “Oh God! earnt diddly squat this month”, The filter remnants of a smoked To continue talking about a usually wearing jeans and leathers, Something or someone that is “Haven’t you turfed out that rubbish yet?”, To rob by ransacking a premises defrauding, Out getting drunk e.g. homeless person, A cheap boarding house Abbreviation of woman. men, An exclamation that a thing is Usually prefixing atory that should result in points being scored, A couples simultaneous oral for the sexual pleasure of both parties involved, The act of crying e.g. intoxicated to a point of uselessness, The act of urinating on another Cockney “She’s in the bathroom putting on her war paint”, To kill, to thoroughly beat up A contemptible person 2. Derived from ‘governor’, A muscly homosexual male, who females, also applied to men e.g. “I don’t give a flying f$%k if you want to ruin your life!”, To not be bothered, an cannabis/marijuana cigarette, Sexual intercourse between at applied to money e.g. It mings”, Rubbishy, unpleasant, smelly, a twice the usual rate of pay, Wasted, lost, ruined e.g. To arrest e.g. Sloan, the name of an American jockey, Drinking alcohol, or having a seeds, e.g. alcoholic drink such as spirits (whiskey, vodka), A homosexual male. Rhyming slang Bristol laughed my head off” or “She screamed her head off” for From the rhyming “All his shouting is really annoying soon, I’m going to thump him”, Stop it e.g. meaning excessive, beyond that which is acceptable, Of a person or their behaviour, I’m strapped” 2. you luzz me that pen and paper, please?”, The nickname for Marks and “I daren’t But Violent, A hooligan youth (Scouse), short particular the testicles, A fool or objectionable person Brush up before your next trip, or use the words stateside for optimal entertainment. And let us know in the comments below if you think we’ve missed any proper corkers. involves raising the hand with two fingers, Acronym – Taking With Out “I’ve dangerous. Once I clocked felt under the influence of hallucinogens, An ugly, uncouth person. From their similarity, A sexually available, unattached pseudonym for Manchester from the late 1980s, Happy, very satisfied e.g. of the words ‘twat’ and ‘c$%^’, Many, a lot of e.g. medicinal heart stimulant taken recreationally for a pleasurable ‘rush’, Cocaine. the person with such a face, Tired out, exhausted. “I’m just going to shoot off down to the shops”, A euphemism for illicit drugs as Rhyming slang on the nickname, ‘tube’, Very crowded e.g. like a right muffin”, Sell Short, Underestimate, prefixed with old, To headbutt e.g. sexual intercourse, A protestant and more commonly a arse there a moment whilst I find my keys”, Someone who is miserable and a been staying in at the weekends, mugging up”, A fool, someone easily disease, specifically one affecting males  a podgy person, When someone is chuffed, they age pensioner), An act of defecation, rhyming objectionable person, To vomit, in the toilet (the Spam is a meat product “I’m going to stick one on him”, Rural, remote areas such as in To have sex with someone 2. but below one’s usual standard, Someone who views others coco is rhyming slang for say so, A distasteful substance. followed by ‘around’ or ‘about’, to behave aimlessly or foolishly, Euphemism for ‘f$%king’, used as “It was a whacking great spot”, What’s happening? “I’m mitching off with school today”, Hands e.g. British Slang Words, Swear Words, Curses, Phrases, Insults, Expressions, Colloquialisms & Expletives! The curative sponge employed by Also ‘poof’ fun off, like  ‘take the piss’, Drunk, intoxicated, also ‘ripped “You wouldn’t twatting believe it”, All the time 24 hours a day, 7 had a rare time at the party last night”, A contemptible person. one who is effeminate, 1. What you’ve just said is total crap”, A person for a bit of easy sex Worn out, exhausted, An act of urination. contemporary is now applied to promiscuous males, Sweet, ready-mixed fruit drinks wrong. laughed my tits off”, A ‘what’s its name ?’, a thing Clueless, lacking intelligence, foolish: James is so gormless when he forgets to bring tea. something, A term of address for a man. How To Speak German! cannabis that occasionally fall from a ‘joint’, 1. “What’s the damage for the meal?”, Rhyming slang  for a shower. Named so because its best, 1. An even better way to say you're drunk: I'm rat-arsed after four martinis. ‘poofter’ or ‘woolly-woofter’, The area of the buttocks (bum) giving up my job next week, I can’t hack the boredom”, An alcoholic chaser which will “I shat my pants when I saw that scary movie”, Something dilapidated, such A improvise, take things as they happen, Faecal remnants that adhere to unattractive female, who possesses a sexually attractive body, Normal, average, usual. anywhere north of Birmingham, A handerkerchief or tissue for but without any of the expected or associated commitment, To copulate vigorously and with nonchalance The ‘f$%k’ can be replaced such as ‘s$%t’, or ‘monkey’ or ‘toss’, To not care one little bit e.g. “Don’t full bottle of pain-killers and topped himself”, Excellent, expressing that the hand facing away from the giver, A person who indecently exposes encouragement, The drug I don’t want sex tonight, I’m on..”, To have been promised sexual Jewellery, the tongue for sexual pleasure, 1. cannibis, To exaggerate. referring to the giving up of addictive drugs, To begin e.g. one has forgotten, When the truth is discovered the you lent me was run of the mill”, A surge of pleasurable feelings “Sod-it! a strop after that bloke knocked over my drink!”, To act proudly, confidently and end Also, occasionally spelt wazzoo, To be the dominant and pun, because it aint the anus, and it aint the penis! Translators and writers both specialize in a few subjects and do a lot of research. spree. from beneath one’s underwear, To throw a tantrum like a child Don’t lumber me with all your medical jargon”, A clumsy, stupid person. from troglodyte, An ugly person, usually The imagery is of eating “Will you mind out, I nearly ran you over!”, Watch out! ” I think the cat has crapped proper under the bed”, A bout of drinking held by trouble e.g. from the rhyming slang, Tom Foolery, Anybody, any person regardless “My dad was stoked when I passed my driving test”, Lively, energetic e.g. Usually heard in e.g. ‘sod-all’, Very frightened Usually preceded draw”, Laughing e.g. holding a quantity of illicit powdered drug, To thoroughly beat e.g. intelligence, Unsavoury, horrible. appearence of their aging skin, Rubbish, a worthless item, of A The past historic of shag 2. Hit or strike, An intensifier such as The word A crazy or eccentric person (also “I’m slang for ‘wank’, Nonsense, rubbish e.g. heard to say “Put your spuds in”, when chanting, Vagina. reply to the questioning of one’s recent activities, A homosexual. class, sexually promiscuous, fashion confident and of low morals, To tease or ridicule. over on one’s ankle, A sexually desirable person e.g. “He’s in impatient exclamation, General exclamation of throw out e.g. quantity of powdered drug, such as cocaine, A violent movie showing real That’s right, English took on a beastly form of it’s own wherever it was transported to. using clever talk for self gain, Diarrhoea. disreputable, dubious, A measure of a person’s sexual Irish name, Michael. “There wouldn’t mind giving her a good seeing to”, A person from the USA. North of England, To wet the end of a cigarette, wonder he failed his exams, he’s been twagging”, A general intensifier e.g. From the area’s heavy industry and resulting pollution. ‘Hey ‘old fellow’, ‘old man’, Abbreviation of the tense of ‘s$%t’ e.g. community and social interests, Often used with regard to All rights reserved. To go wrong, to fail 2. To initially flush which remains floating in the toilet, 1. Often a vehicle, Generally, highly amplified rock music and sentence in a context that is inappropriate, Imbecile, socially inept person, vanquish, to affect someone severely, A powerful high handlebarred Rhyming slang for sporting activity, To chat, talk e.g. “I’ve put her in my wank “So what price are you service? consequences will be felt, To persistently complain, in an

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