The code portion is shown below and is similar to the minute count, which was presented above. In addition, the system will check whether a text file with a data log exists or not. The temperature sensor with Arduino must be in contact or close to receive and measure the heat level. These devices are extremely used to measure the body temperature of sick people, as the temperature is one of the first factors that change in the human body when there is an abnormality or disease. The sensor that is used over here is the MAX30205 from maxim integrated. The LM-35 … The below line will provide temperature in Fahrenheit if set true. The above array is used to store the digit pattern for the 7-Segment displays. After reaching 5 hours of monitoring, the system will close the log file and present the message "Finished Process" to the user. LM35 is used for the sense body temperature. The middle value for this range is 512. After that, the system reads the hours and updates the value by calling the updateHour function. One of the diseases that alter the temperature of the human body is COVID 19. In this disease, we need to constantly monitor these symptoms. After sending all the data, the latch pin is released and pulled high to confirm the end of data transmission. For this reason, people spend a lot of money to keep sound health. Finally, we thank the company JLCPCB for supporting the development of the project and hope that you can use it. That means heart must beat faster to deliver more oxygen-rich blood. In addition, it is possible to evaluate the temperature level and associate its value with the application of some type of medication. Most of the products available in the current market have these major drawbacks with limitation in flexibility and portability. pinMode(blinkPin,OUTPUT); // pin that will blink to your heartbeat! The pulse sensor can also detect body temperature. Re-set to ‘true’ to see Arduino Serial Monitor ASCII Visual Pulse, volatile int rate[10]; // array to hold last ten IBI values, volatile unsigned long sampleCounter = 0; // used to determine pulse timing, volatile unsigned long lastBeatTime = 0; // used to find IBI, volatile int P = 250; // used to find peak in pulse wave, seeded, volatile int T = 250; // used to find trough in pulse wave, seeded, volatile int thresh = 250; // used to find instant moment of heart beat, seeded, volatile int amp = 50; // used to hold amplitude of pulse waveform, seeded, volatile boolean firstBeat = true; // used to seed rate array so we startup with reasonable BPM, volatile boolean secondBeat = false; // used to seed rate array so we startup with reasonable BPM. 512 and 3/5 of the time between the beats recorded in previous cycle has passed. It could be integrated with mobile technology for e-health cloud transmission to health care providers. When this event occurs, the system will execute the following lines of code. As you can see, the system will read the 3 buttons, as shown below. After that, it will display the hours and temperature on the LCD screen, as shown in Figure above. int pulsePin = 0; // Pulse Sensor purple wire connected to analog pin 0, int blinkPin = 13; // pin to blink led at each beat, int fadePin = 8; // pin to do fancy classy fading blink at each beat, int fadeRate = 0; // used to fade LED on with PWM on fadePin, const int sensor=A1; // Assigning analog pin A1 to variable ‘sensor’, float tempc; //variable to store temperature in degree Celsius, float tempf; //variable to store temperature in Fahreinheit, float vout; //temporary variable to hold sensor reading. When the circuit is powered by the battery, the Arduino starts reading the pulse rate from the pulse sensor and the ambient temperature from the LM-35 temperature sensor. Arduino Body Temperature Meter using MAX30205 For medical or clinical applications, measuring human body temperature is an important parameter to determine the health condition of any individual.

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