When Harold appeared he brushed aside the larger packages and picked out a silver watch in the centre, which was his parents' gift to him. Would you like to come and see the sports?' Blessings! He is founder and director of the National Conference on Preaching and the International Congress on Preaching, which has been held in 1997 at Westminster Chapel in London, 2002 at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and 2007at Cambridge. endobj Every year on his birthday David Livingstone repeated his covenant with his Master. google_ad_client = "pub-6245839880005018"; That is the first prize for a race for which I have entered and it is going to be mine.' I vaguely remember the days of my youth, when a birthday was cause for a grand celebration. Then Mr. Barker approached from his place of vantage and said, 'Harold, you wanted a silver watch and did your very utmost to earn one at your school sports, but you failed. It cannot be earned by our good works but must be accepted as the free gift of God.'. Asked some weeks later what had become of his birthday gifts, he replied: 'The box of chocolates-well! Pointing to a lovely silver watch, Harold said. He was a lad of about 10 and enjoyed Mr. Barker's friendship and confidence. google_ad_slot = "6476869422"; Today is my birthday, which doesn’t mean the same as it once did. A Good Name I just wear my cross, tell others about Jesus, and get the bread of heaven. The silver watch is going. One day Harold came to him and said, 'Mr. Asked some weeks later what had become of his birthday gifts, he replied: 'The box of chocolates-well! Mr. Barker replied that he would be delighted, and accordingly Harold gave him a ticket for the sports and arranged to meet him at the entrance to the field and be his guide for the day. <>/Contents 5 0 R >> Worship and Media Pastor (#232330) - USA Midwest (IA), CCPA – Do not sell my personal information. Short Sermon Outlines - Try these simple sermon outlines! I vaguely remember the days of my youth, when a birthday was cause for a grand celebration. Michael Duduit Get help now! Putting it to his ear, he exclaimed joyfully, `It's going.' it's gone. 4 0 obj Mr. Barker, wishing him all the success he coveted in that particular event, waited eagerly to see the race. Better Than Precious Ointment (Ecclesiastes 7:1-4) A. x��]ے�u}�WW2�����yIɲ��%˲�ĥr��̐��Cz4#Y�[U�� ������>C��r؃;6�=�U=j�O~�z��_�6���?�����I3V�8��o��ջï�ۢ�a������I]��T�v-z�������'��ӱ�L��������ƾ�ڋ���T��t��h���/���ou3����j�����YW uݏ���ğ�Y� ̝k�i�y������U;M�$c�����Ʊ�ܰ�@�v�Ň����jo�Oh�E��O�62���xn�5ڕ[,�2vpu���5ӌÊ-A�W�'� google_ad_height = 280; Michael is author and editor of several books, including the Handbook of Contemporary Preaching (Broadman & Holman Press), Joy in Ministry (Baker Books), Preaching With Power (Baker) and Communicate With Power (Baker). Birthdays are terribly important to us today, but the Bible suggests that there is more to learn from someone’s death day than his birthday. He has been a pastor and associate pastor, has served a number of churches as interim pastor, and speaks regularly for churches, colleges and conferences. /* 336x280, created 3/7/08 */ Harold was outstripped by others, and did not come in first, or even second, but had to be content with a third place. All Rights Reserved. His second birthday was thus on the same day as his first. Having two teenage sons who will—one day much too soon—be on their way to establishing their own families and traditions, I’m savoring each day and each opportunity to share in the moments of their lives. Barker, tomorrow is our school Sports' Day. That is like God's gift of eternal life. He commands His followers to observe this memorial annually. [��馛��])����Ҁ�>į���ʀv�X�=�Onڈ�2c���-���n ��[���ue�ن5���Ht���\/�OK9Mo�.~r}4}=,�d�Ӛ�7�y[���)�u~|g��0N���W��7H�R'��?��qCg������l������ׅ���?�ꟺ�u���������a��c;�$��i������!V�. Don’t let the daily encumbrances of life and ministry steal time away from the great gift God has given you in your family. His email newsletter, PreachingNow, is read each week by more than 40,000 pastors and church leaders in the U.S. and around the world.

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