On Toula's wedding day, her family picked out her gown. “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” is a charming romantic comedy that explores cultural differences in a combination of adorable romance and cute humor. One of my all time favorite movies is My Big Fat Greek Wedding. 11. Cultural Issues in My Big Fat Greek WeddingMy Big Fat Greek Wedding is a romantic comedy; about a 30-year-old single woman living in Chicago named Toula Portokalos. Consequently, the line-up of the wedding events includes traditional ceremonies associated with community-specific wedding rituals like dholki – a Punjabi ceremony of singing and dancing to the beats of a drum (dholak) – as well as westernised events such as cocktail parties, bachelorette parties, and grand receptions with multi-tiered cakes. In fact, it is a fairly common site for the hosts to extend invitations to the powerful friends of their extended family members to ensure the who’s who of the country attend their spectacle. 24. There is an insistence, especially by the father of the bride, to treat this not as dowry, but only as a gift, as the bride-to-be too, it is argued, is gifted expensive jewellery and clothes by her in-laws. In Halkidiki, the mother-in-law offers walnuts and honey to the bride and groom so they may have a marriage that is sweet and fertile. Chefs at work at the Wedding of the son of the imam of Delhi India with soldiers and 2000 guests, in 2005. Getting ready for the big day. Gina now joins GCT's team as a writer. I don’t think ethnic customs persist without changing quite dramatically.”. Even though it makes you a little different, it also makes you unique and it adds to your identity as a person. Ian asked Nick, how do you say “thank you” in Greek and he also asked Angelo, Toula’s cousin, how to say “everyone let’s go in the house,” and both times he was told something entirely different. In the U.S., recently arrived Greeks and other Europeans often celebrated big events with communal festivities that “might involve dancing and drinking and lots of generations,” according to Howard. The Haldi ceremony is common across India and has now become a fancy affair. This period also saw a related movement among African Americans, as traditions like jumping the broom became more common. Wealthy, Western European, Protestant Americans who had been part of the development of the 1800s establishment could make their weddings less “big” and point to their restraint and quiet—and the wherewithal to host parties in their own homes rather than in public—as evidence that they were superior to their neighbors. At the end of the movie, Ian is accepted into the family, he becomes a baptized Greek, agrees to marry in the Greek Orthodox Church and participate in the Greek culture. The Chinese Economic Reform was no doubt a success as the economy of the republic continued to increase its Gross National Product. As part of strategic planning exercise, describe and analyze the vision and mission statements of Time Warner Inc. In many areas of Halkidiki, the bride bakes special bread rolls the Thursday before the wedding which she will then throw behind her for the single young women to catch, outside of the church. Family events can be a culture shock for outsiders. My Big Fat Greek Wedding taught us to embrace our ethnicity and love where we come from and who we are 2. It is nothing less than the coronation ceremony of an elite status. She also does the unthinkable since she marryed Ian and changes the history and tradition of the culture, as high context cultures do not change over time. The Epistle of St. Paul to the Ephesians, which highlights the joining of two people is the first and the Gospel According to St. John is the second. During the movie she struggles to get her family to accept him as the man she loves, and she also finally comes to terms with her heritage and cultural identity. 13. There are many traditions around his visit. Sometimes a little family planning can work for the best. His daughter wore a sari bejewelled in diamonds costing approximately £2 million. He said: Everything was decided so quickly [referring to his arranged marriage] and the auspicious dates are only five months away. Like the time When Toula's mom and aunt came up with a would pre-acted out scheme to get her dad to think it was his idea to let her work at the travel agency. Gus gives a toast and found that Miller comes from Milo which means apple in Greek. “The etiquette that you display at a wedding would be one way of setting yourself apart.”. Toula's new found confidence is one thing everyone should learn, confidence is truly beautiful. The story is about a young woman, named Toula, that is of Greek decent who is fearful of being stuck in the life she is now living. It is important to be proud of your culture and not ashamed because your culture and the people that raise you make you who you are. Parul Bhandari does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment. Living next door to your parents can have perks. Its a house! You would be hard-pressed to find a Greek wedding which hasn’t had that traditional song wafting through the house or street as bridal parties prepare for the big day. “It’s difficult to talk about ethnic customs and having these pure origins because your culture’s customs are always going to come into play with the commercial context and the social context of the time. Despite the happy ending of the movie, Toula struggled to follow the rules and values of her culture, practiced nonverbal communication with Ian, and received empathy from her mother while Ian had to deal with a language barrier of English and Greek. Today, with the help of the wedding industry and a long history of assimilation, a Greek wedding in the U.S. is as likely to be the result of the bride and groom picking and choosing the customs they like, rather than a set of rigid traditions. All rights reserved. Today is National Voter Registration Day! Ranging from the role of family in… If you truly love someone, you will do anything for them. Part of HuffPost Entertainment. Toula was beautiful before and after her makeover but, after her makeover she became a whole different woman. Before Ian ran into the older lady on the street in front of the travel agency, he was using the gesture of possibly a duck, to get Toula’s attention and to make her laugh. Build a city of skyscrapers—one synonym at a time. For example, at the elite weddings I attended, for the small ceremonies of haldi (smearing the bride and groom’s body with turmeric powder) and gharcholi (bathing the bride and groom with holy water), a troupe of singers was invited and silver coins were given to the attendees. "If you are women, you must get married.". Scholars As a prominent “fixer”, a middleman of sorts for the political and social honchos, whose job it is to introduce influential figures to one another to expand their networks, told me, “The most effective meetings are outside the meeting rooms”. Attendance at weddings is not only a matter of prestige and power for the host but also for the guests, and a snub of non-invitation may transform into an open feud lasting many years. Write to Lily Rothman at lily.rothman@time.com. There is a myriad of varying traditions associated with Greek weddings, depending on the area of Greece. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote. Learn a new word every day. As the elites flirt with western lifestyle trends, they often still remain married to a strict social conservatism, specifically of marrying within caste and class (endogamous marriage). From the movie, it seems as though the Greek culture is a high context culture. When we dream about weddings can have a positive and negative meaning depending on the other symbols in the dream and the overall dream situation. When this happened her mother, Maria, showed empathy. An Intercultural Analysis of My Big Fat Greek Wedding GDUFS SEIB1104 Nicole Guan As a typical intercultural movie, My Big Fat Greek Wedding is about Toula, a lower middle class Greek American woman who fell in love with a non-Greek upper middle class “white Anglo-Saxon Protestant” Ian Miller. Like when Mr. Portokalos set Toula up with all of his Greek "friends" and she was repulsed by almost everyone of them!! Attendees reflect the power and position of the host. The journey begins right from the wedding invitations, where simple paper invitations are giving way to outrageously luxurious ones: the most recent being a box inlaid with LCD screens, playing a Bollywood-style video message. Toula showed us how her and Ian's relationship couldn't stay hidden for long until someone found out and it go back to her parents or until cousin Niki walked in on them in the travel agency. As a Greek descendant girl, being raised by a very traditional family, she faces the deep questions of priorities in life. He made a beautiful comparison that they all had differences but were all the same at the end of the day.

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