I totally agree with you guys. (Funny I can't seem to tag you!). I love his subtle expressions. And TOTALLY, Tae Soo was absolutely my favorite of the bunch! Somehow, my curiosity persuaded myself to watch it raw... And was I sorry! Back then people didn’t know much about kdramas and didn’t care much either. Department Head Jang announces that Dong-hyun’s being awarded the medal of honor for playing a large role in protecting the nation. (Is this whole family prone to hallucinating now? «hopefully our next run won’t be quite so ridiculous»... HOW DOES THAT MAKE SENSE. It was a different show but was still bad. Dong-chul arrives with a crowd of new customers he’d found at the bus stop in tow and we learn that he and Mi-do are getting married the following day. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; I didn't know that. , Pingback: Dropped: Bad Guys 2 – City Of Evil | The Fangirl Verdict, Pingback: Year In Review: 2017 | The Fangirl Verdict, Pingback: Flash Review: My Daughter Seo Young | The Fangirl Verdict. It is not always sure whether the mothers love their children or if they are just manipulating them for the sake of their personal fulfilment or vandetta. My life is great. We wanted a proper closure, did we get that? As we check in on everyone, Do-ha reads lines from the poem “Sky” by Park No-hae: Someone high up, someone with power, someone with wealth We see it very quickly in episode 1, when Tae Soo and Woong Chul (Ma Dong Suk), who’ve quite literally just met, go together to get information that they need. 16 episodes of honestly being the best oppa ever. fck sad kdrama is fcking frustrating my heart is going to burst . And when DH replied that she wouldn't, it was DH-talk for "I won't because I trust you'll keep your promises." Min says nothing and just hugs her tightly as Abyss flickers on the floor. I've read a few post elsewhere celebrating the Mi-eun+Seung-jae coupling. He was holding it, contemplating it, he made a decision or just followed through on a decision he had already made. Out of the entire team of Crazy Dogs, I found myself liking Tae Soo the most, as a character. Open Thread for Chuno E1 & 2 is now live! I just want him to move on and find a better woman to love and who will love him the way he deserves. Even from the start it felt like we were just given scenes to watch.Just like PT, not locking doors make no sense. The one thing I did like about this episode was that we got to see what happened to all our characters in the future. While I wasn’t too crazy about Mi Young’s stiff-upper-lip characterization through much of the show, I have to say that my favorite Mi Young moment, hands-down, was when she came out of nowhere in episode 4, to give smug organ trafficker overlord Madam Hwang (Lee Yong Nyeo) a mean right hook, when Goo Tak couldn’t bring himself to hit a women. SW to Do-ha: Let life takes its course but you be my girlfriend. Madam Shin: “Nope. Therefore, he advises her not to agonize too much about it. Her incredulous reaction to the formation of the team and the rest of the developments is closer to a normal person’s – closer to our reactions, as viewers. i am rewatching man from another star.. and PHJ has an awesome range of emotions.. comedy, melo, dark.. I did watch some clips here and there, I admire how good Kim Woo Bin acting got, he was a model-turned-actor and now we can seriously call him an actor. I'd love to see Seol-woo dealing with his baby. To be honest, I only cared about Agent K and I just loved watching him do secret spy stuff and also be funny and charming. OOOOHHH, I thought I was the only one thinking about the faltering scenes on W. Lots of inconsistencies and loopholes. I feel like none of those villains really got their comeuppance, even The K2 (a pretty flawed show) had this one guy commit suicide, which was really satisfying but our main baddie here didn't even get a divorce? I was disappointed in the show’s uneven use of Woon-kwang in the latter half of the show, but I thought the resolution to his story was handled nicely in the finale, especially by having him play such a prominent role in the live broadcast. I love: And Do Ha was alright with that? In a way, she was his God and she created him. Can we take a moment to mourn for Tae-sung, who eats alone at home that evening? Gun-wook’s message says, “Moon Jae-in, are you listening? Dong-chul leaves for groomly duties and Mi-do wonders how Se-yeon will do living alone again, admitting her reservations about Se-yeon returning to her old apartment. Tae-sung submits his resignation letter to Tae-ra, who tries to talk him out of it. Tae-sung is all alone now. It was just that the logic holes of how it got where it was going were too big and bizarre to ignore. Explaining that she’d kicked out the true child and brought in the fake, she taunts him with the truth that he lost everything for himself. . Yoo Seung Ho did very well in the drama, I didn’t like that the writer went ahead and added a little romance between him and Park Min Young since they seem to fit noona-dongsang relationship narrative better. I like that he knows he isn’t good enough for her, he wishes her the best, but if we were to be real, he would only cause her misery. Really! Sure, she has somebody she loves now but I am glad that didn't change her or her priorities one bit, perhaps added one more person to her life but her core values remained the same. I know he's supposed to be the baddie here, but he never really struck me as all that evil. Woon-kwang grins, but then turns serious to ask CEO Ji for a favor: He wants him to look after Mi-eun. So perfect! He died because of me. I tried my best not to be disappointed, haha! Determined to spend some time with Do-ha, Seol-woo huffs and puffs his way through his task, much to Woon-kwang’s amusement. great. Be warned, though, that there’s a fair amount of blood in these MVs. It doesn’t take long for Do-ha to realize that Seol-woo must be leaving, and she asks him when, and if, he’s coming back. I cried my heart out just to see him in the scene with taera and jae in....and it's true, I marvel the way he can convey his feelings so the viewers can feel it ,without saying a word. FINAL EPISODE RECAP. When Woon-kwang asks Seung-jae for a response to the recording, Seung-jae insists that he’s innocent and calls the recording fake. He is currently suspended from the police force for using excessive force. We don’t hear the contents, but the evidence is strong enough to arrest Madam Shin for ordering Gun-wook’s murder. Min adds that Abyss continues to follow him even after he became a spirit, meaning whenever Se-yeon saw it, Min was right beside her. Hee. Is that unfair? Afterwards, they head to a cafe and write letters to bury in time capsules. That’s when I thought, “What a great contrast, and what a great performance.”. I am just happy that their mission is finished and found the traitor in NIS. I do think Bad Guys did well, all things considered. I like even more, that this show of heart doesn’t at all detract from our characters’ combined edginess, since the little moments of thought-provoking statement are delivered with such smirk. He was a jerk to her and hurt her in the beginning of the drama without feeling bad, he hurt a lot of other people and didn’t feel that bad. I liked watching the character interactions, especially our good guys, and for me, the show was at its best when it was light and funny and didn’t take itself too seriously, even as it was dealing with Very Serious Spy Issues.

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